Sunday, February 8, 2015

Baby Bump: 35 weeks

Fruit comparison: At 35 weeks, Lexie is supposedly the size of a honeydew melon.
Sick or fabulous: Slightly uncomfortable is a better choice of words. With my belly continuing to "pop" more and is getting more difficult to do things. Sleeping has become a bit of a chore. 
Weight gain: I am up to 19 pounds...and counting. At my last appointment, this past week, my doctor told me my weight gain was good...but that apparently she is measuring a little on the small side. I found that to be quite funny since I feel like my belly is growing by the minute.
Cravings: This week brought on the need for Nutter Butters. Yup...not sure why...but that was a daily snack for me. To balance out the Nutter Butters I also had a craving for fruit...that's good...right?
Looking forward to: Finishing up my "to-do" lists! I still need to finish up the final details for the nursery, get my hospital bag ready, buy diapers...yes, it is true, we do not have a single diaper in the house yet. Once that is done, then I can go into "crazy, pregnant, nesting mode" and do a deep clean of everything. :)
Name Update: is "official"...her name is Lexie Ann Lofgren! Yes, I may have had an emotional, crazy, hormonal, moment where I made Chad give a final answer. It is times like those...and others of course, too...that I really know that I married the right man. :) He is always so calm, lets me have my "moment" and then loves me for the crazy person I can sometimes be. He reassured me that yes, he likes the name...and that he has just been giving me a bad time this whole entire time.
Landry's thoughts: He is starting to get concerned about the size of my growing belly. :) Here is a conversation we had the other morning when I was getting dressed for work:

Landry...looking at my belly: "Um, Mama...what do you think is going to fit around that bad boy?"
Me: "Well...hopefully this shirt I am planning on wearing."
Landry: "Good luck with that!"

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