Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lexie's Nursery is finally finished! 
Yes, it took me longer than I had hoped...
but I am so happy with how everything turned out. is Lexie's nursery...

Here is a closer look at her crib. You might remember from an earlier post that I fell in love with her bumper, only to find out that Pottery Barn had discontinued it...but then was GIVEN one from a mom who had used it in her daughter's room. 

I absolutely love all of the colors in it! 
I added the large, pink, satin bows.

I am in love with the monogram...which I got a great deal on from Groopdealz.
If you don't get their daily e-mails...I highly recommend you sign up.
It came unfinished so I painted it with the same color chalk paint that I used for her dresser.

Here is a close up of the wall to the left of her crib. 
Landry painted the sweet picture of flowers to match her room.
G.G. (Chad's mom) bought the adorable...and tiny...tutu.
I can hardly wait to take a million pictures of Lexie in it. :)
Side note...
yes, it is driving me slightly crazy that the shelf has 4 hooks...
so the tutu isn't center...ugh.

Here's a look at the opposite side of the room.

The chest of drawers and dresser are mine...
from when I was a little girl.
Both were previously painted black.
I used some Annie Sloan chalk paint to refinish them...
added glass knobs and... 
voila...a brand new look!

The birdcage and Cinderella carriage both came from Hobby Lobby.
More bows will be added to the birdcage...and the carriage stores her headband collection.
I made the bow wall art...thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest.

Here is the same glider that was in Landry's room. 
You might remember that I had upholstered it for his room.
Well, I decided to take off the upholstery, slap some chalk paint on it, 
recover the cushions, and give it a new look.
Don't mind the empty picture frames...
they will soon be filled with pictures of our little girl. :)

Here is one last look at our little girl's room!
It is hard to believe that we will be meeting her in one week...
we can hardly wait!

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