Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Annual Gunstream-Lofgren Zoo Trip!

Spring Break is here...which means one thing for sure...our annual Gunstream-Lofgren zoo trip! Our family has quite a few traditions for each holiday/season and I have to say...this is one of my FAVORITES!!!! I think one of the best parts is seeing how much Landry and Amy change and grow each year.

If you have followed my blog...and have read about our other zoo trips...then you know that we always start with Landry's favorite...ELEPHANTS!!!!

After our visit with the elephants we headed to the monkeys.
Here are my two favorite monkeys!

Seriously...could they be any cuter together? 
I love the smirk on Landry's face...definitely going in their future wedding slideshow. :)

This picture just cracks me up! Amy wanted to go down the stairs and Landry was in complete agreement...except you know Mr. Cautious...gotta hold the rail.

Amy loves the Nosey statue...Landry not so much. 
For some reason he will never agree to take a photo with it...go figure.

One more look at the elephants...

My favorite little boy...in his favorite place!

Carter was a fan of the elephants, too. :)

Nothing like sitting on a rhino with your best friend to put a smile on your face!

The tiger cubs were out playing...but there was a huge crowd. 
When we came back by one of them was taking a nap...too cute.

Next up was some flamingo watching...while Erin waited in line for the giraffe feeding for us. :)

Carter loved hanging out in the shade.

For some reason Landry did NOT want to feed the giraffes this time.
Amy was down for feeding them!
Ooops...she dropped the lettuce the first time...and the second, third, and fourth. :)

There we go!

Nothing says "Super Mom" like this picture of Erin...holding two kiddos and feeding a giraffe...all with a smile!

Since the giraffes got a snack we decided to feed our crazy animals.
As you can see...we only feed them the finest...donut holes and Starbucks!
Before you think we feed our kids nothing but junk...
it was chocolate milk...
with whipped cream...
not coffee. :)

While we sat, rested, and enjoyed a snack...Amy and Landry found a coin well.
You know...the kind that you drop a coin in and it goes around and around, down and down.
As you can see...they were very intrigued!

After their adventure with the coin well...it was on to Stingray Bay. 
If you remember...last year was the first year Landry actually put his hand in the water.
This year he decided he wanted to feed them...and then changed his mind. :)

Before we left we had to get a group shot...we are pretty cute and fun if I do say so myself. :)

Our final stop was my favorite...Sea Lion Cove. I could seriously hang out here all day...without all of the other people. :)

Love this picture of the three of them!

Carter gave it the stamp of approval, too!

Don't know what I'd do without this girl in my life...so very thankful for her friendship!

You know I couldn't post without doing some "looks back in time." 

The trip that started it all...

Look at how little our babies were!

And now we are a party of 5! Hopefully some day we will be a party of 6. :)

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