Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Fun!

It isn't officially Easter time until Landry takes his picture with the bunnies! 
He loves going to see them each year...and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Sorry for the poor picture quality...this is a picture of the picture from my phone!

Landry also had an Easter party at preschool. 
Here he is decorating his basket...getting ready for the egg hunt!

All of the "bunnies" lined up and ready to find some eggs.

Each child was allowed to find 7 eggs...the race was on!

Last one!

Apparently this is the look I get when I try to take his picture, outside, and he doesn't have his glasses on. :)

After the egg hunt the kids enjoyed an outside picnic.
Here is Landry and his buddy Luke!

So thankful to have the week off and be able to spend time with this cutie!
Also so grateful to have him in a preschool that is so loving and does so many fun things for the kids...while teaching them a ton!

Fast forward to Easter morning...
Landry followed the carrot trail to his basket!

He was very excited about all of his goodies! But...then he showed a bit of ungratefulness when he asked where the "rest of his stuff" was and if "this was all he got." So, I "gently"...not so gentle...had him count all of the items the Easter Bunny brought him, reminded him that Auntie KK and Uncle Ron had a basket for him, Nawnie and Papa had a basket for him, G.G. and Poppie had one for him...and then I decided to show him some pictures of other children in the world that were less fortunate than him. Can you tell I was more than a bit upset...and disappointed in him? So...things are going to be changing a bit around here!

Ok...enough of my soapbox...back to Easter. :)

When Auntie KK, Uncle Ron, Nawnie, and Papa came promised...there were more goodies for Landry to check out!

After lunch it was time for the egg hunt! 
Landry had been "practicing" all week and could hardly wait to find the eggs.
Some of them proved to be easy to find...

While others were a bit more "challenging!" :)

He seriously walked right by this one at least three time!

This was probably the most challenging! Can you spot the egg?

It is right there...right in front of your nose!

After we did a few egg was time for...what has become a bit of a tradition...water gun fight!

Everyone was armed and ready to go...except Uncle Ron. 
Apparently he doesn't enjoy a good squirt gun fight. :)

I know where Landry got his love of water guns...this guy!

The two of them show no mercy!

It was a wonderful afternoon...once again...beautiful weather, yummy food, and fun times with family. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the 3 of us. :(

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