Sunday, February 23, 2014

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!

You know that a weekend is off to a fabulous start when you get to spend a BEAUTIFUL Saturday the park...with your best buddy...eating Happy Meals!

On Saturday, Landry and I met Erin, Amy, and Carter for a fun play date and picnic at the park. The weather was beautiful, Amy and Landry played forever...seriously, 4 hours... and Erin and I got to soak in the sunshine and catch up. It was perfect. Erin's parents live right by this darling little park...which proved to be very handy since we made several potty trips between our two munchkins. :)

At one point Landry attempted to climb a tree...

Better brush off our hands...

I think the tree proved to be a little out of reach! :)

After one of the potty breaks, Amy returned with...a clock! Love that sweet girl!!! She thought that we needed the clock to know what time it was. :)

After fours hours of playing, tricycle riding, rock climbing, chasing each other, cheeseburgers, french fries, apple slices, juice boxes, climbing slides, playing basketball, and numerous potty was time to head home. Someone was so tired he fell asleep in the car.

Today we continued the fun with a trip to John's Incredible Pizza! Chad suggested it and boy was it an experience! Let's just say, I wouldn't recommend going on a Sunday, at 4:30. You might think that would be a good time. You're wrong! Holy schnikies there were a lot of people. After stuffing ourselves with pizza, salad, and of course, ice cream...we headed to the arcade side. 

Landry decided he actually wanted to ride on the cars...shocking...I know!
I rode with him the first he is ready to go...all smiles!

We played lots of games...whack-a-mole, stinky feet, and skee ball.

He had just enough credits left to ride the cars again...this time all by himself!!!!

So excited to ride! I was stunned! I kept asking him if he really wanted to go all by himself. 
His response was, "Mom...I'm gonna be okay. I will wave to you as I go by!"
Not going to lie...I was not prepared for that response. I was so proud of him for wanting to go by himself...but a little sad that he so casually said he would "just wave as he went by."

He and another little boy had the whole ride to themselves...and they sat in the same truck. Funny part was Landry was there first, holding the door open, trying to figure out how to get in, and the other little guy just climbed right in. I thought that Landry was going to get upset...but instead he just climbed on in with him!
Here they are...

When he got off he was so excited and proud of himself...and his new friend! :)

It was time to turn in his tickets for some prizes.
His first choice...a huge, rhinestone ring! Ha!!!!
There were actually tiaras and Chad had just said, "If he chooses the tiara, that's it."
So, he didn't choose the tiara...he chose the biggest bling instead. :)
He also chose a pretty cool balance out the bling...or as Chad calls it...his Super Bowl ring!

We had a great weekend filled with beautiful weather, time with friends, and fun family time, too.
The bad news...I didn't get any of my papers graded...oops! 
Guess I know what I'll be doing every night this week. :)

Next weekend Chad and I are headed to a bed and breakfast in Cayucos...just the two of us...I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited! Seriously...can't. even. handle. it. :)


  1. We always go first thing in the morning on the weekends.. 10:00am on Sundays is the best! :)

    1. Good to know! :) We honestly had no idea that it was still that popular...boy were we wrong!