Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day of LOVE!

So, in my last post I wrote about how special and fun my birthday was...and Valentine's proved to be a continuation of  love, fun, and spending time with some of my favorite people!

The definite highlight of my day was slipping away from my classroom for a few hours so that I could be a mom and be at Landry's preschool party! When I walked in his class the tables were covered with paper and sweet messages...

and the kids were outside I had a chance to get some pictures of Landry's artwork in class. :)

When the kids came in they went right to a chair and started making their party hats. 
Sidenote::::I am always in awe when I go to his preschool and see how well behaved the kids are and how calm everything much so that I used them as an example to my 28 crazy 2nd graders when I got back to school for our class party. :)

Love spending time with this sweet boy...and for following my heart and getting a sub for a few hours so that I could soak in this time with my littlest valentine!

Party hat is finished...ta-da!!!!

I loved that they made a list...before the party...of their valentines. 
I loved it even more that Chad and I made the list. :)

It isn't a party without some food! They munched on heart shaped pizza, fruit, veggies, and so much more. Seriously...there was SOOOOOO much food. 
That is Landry's sweet friend, Luke. Don't you just love him? He is the cutest thing! Whenever I pick up Landry, if Luke is there, he comes running up to me and gives me a hug, too...sweetest!

And of really isn't a party without a treat. Who can pass up heart-shaped rice krispy treats on a stick?

Even though Landry and I had talked about it over and over again...that I would have to leave his party and go back to work...he still burst into tears, did the grasping, clinging, screaming, "Don't leave, Mommy" thing. 
Not so much. 
What was awesome was that 30 minutes after I left...and was back at school...I got the sweetest message from his teachers telling me that he was perfectly fine and having tons of fun. 
Told you. 
They're amazing!

It has become a bit of a tradition at our house to do the heart shaped pizza thing for Valentine's dinner. The last two years, trying to find a Me-N-Eds that didn't have a 4 hour wait has been a bit trying. Seriously, why doesn't every pizza place in town do heart shaped pizzas? C'mon people...get with it. Anyway, last year I discovered that Papa Murphy's...the take-n-bake place...does them as well. Then a friend of mine told me about this... is a little pizza making kit for kids. Adorable? Perfect? Yes and yes! Did it inspire a future possible birthday party idea? Yes, again! :)
So, that sealed the deal. Chad and I had our own heart shaped pizza and Landry got to make his own...which he loved!

 First step: putting on the sauce

Next up...cheese


Finally, it was all ready to go in the oven!

Look at those yummy pizzas!

To top off our "fine dining" experience...Love Floats! 
A.K.A. cherry 7-up, vanilla ice cream, and a Red Vine for a straw. :)

What was the verdict on the Love Floats? I think this face tells it all!!!

No, we didn't do anything romantic. No candle-lit dinner. No steak or lobster. Just the three of us, some take-n-bake pizza, and Love Floats...perfect!

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