Monday, May 6, 2013

Landry Tigh...3 years old!

Landry Tigh...where do I even begin? How is it that I have a 3 year old? I think it is official that I no longer have a baby...I most definitely have a little boy. A little boy who has a heart of gold, an intense curiosity about the world around him, a memory like an elephant, a love for cleaning, vacuuming, and drying hair, candy...specifically M&Ms, "fire," and the word why. You definitely keep us laughing with your funny sense of humor, ability to make connections that we could never think of, and expressions...oh my goodness you are animated and expressive!
Even though you are three years old...this year was a year for a lot of "firsts"...
Your first time smiling in a pool...mainly because of your love for Victoria!
First sparkler experience...that spurred your love for "fire!"
First Starbucks addiction
First time loving a baby...and oh do you love Amelia!
First time seeing a hot air balloon...up close and personal
First trip to the fair...

Which if course led to your first "fair taco!"
Since we are talking about food...your first trip to Splash Cafe

First gingerbread house
 First time leaving milk and cookies for Santa...after quite a bit of protesting
First Super Bowl squares win
First trip to the weren't very happy at first...
 but you quickly warmed up to it!
First time wearing UNDERWEAR!!!
 First time putting your hand in the water at Sting Ray Bay

and finally...first haircut!!!!
The year was also spent doing some of your favorite things...
Play dates with Amy
Going to the pumpkin patch
Cheering on the Bulldogs
Dressing up for Halloween
Crying with Santa
Loving the bunnies
Going to the zoo
and so much more!
Landry Tigh, you will never know the amount of joy you have brought to our lives or how much we love you! We wouldn't trade you for the world...and cannot even begin to imagine what our lives would be like without you. You are a constant reminder of what the important things in life have taught us more than we even know.
It wouldn't be a birthday post without a look at your pictures with Lion...
1 month
 1 year
 2 years
3 years

and a silly one...just you showing your true colors!!!!

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