Sunday, May 12, 2013

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of throwing a bridal shower for my little sister.
We had a wonderful luncheon at

and I have to say that it was pretty much perfect. The entire staff at Sequoia Brewing Company was wonderful to work with! I had another place arranged and when I called to set up some of the details, the person at the other venue told me that she had never written my name down...even though she had the e-mails from me and the one she had written to me telling me that it was reserved for I had to look and find a new place. So, after some moments of panic passed...and a few "choice" words about the other venue...I decided on Sequoia Brewing Company...and I think it really was a blessing in disguise! They made everything so easy, wonderful...and I cannot say enough positive things about them. The manager was super helpful, flexible, quick to respond to any questions I might have, and their staff was so friendly and helpful...LOVE THEM!!!!!!! They have a beautiful private room and I highly recommend them for any kind of event!
Family and Friends Recipe book, photo board, cupcakes from Creme de La Cake, 56 days until "I do" sign, and an R monogram that each guest signed and left a special message.
The OCD me has to point out something that I didn't notice until looking at these pictures...I am sooooooo upset that I put the letters on the banner in the wrong order...the white accents should have alternated corners...I don't know if anyone else noticed...but it drives me crazy now and I can't believe I didn't catch it before the event.

I had originally wanted the shower to be on their patio. The manager told me they had a private room, which I wasn't aware of, and I was a bit hesitant. After seeing it, I loved it. It was a great room with lots of windows to let light in and it has this amazing, rustic wood table!

I went completely away from my sister's colors...I hope she didn't mind. :) She loves the burlap and lace that is so popular right now, so I went with that.
I layered organza with a burlap table runner. Then I used an assortment of mason jars that I decorated with a variety of ribbons, lace, and twine. I purchased all of the flowers from Trader Joe's and Vons.

The place settings...
The favors...He "popped" the question and she said, "YES!"
 (clear cup with a vinyl embellishment I added, filled with a yummy popcorn mix,
wrapped in a cello bag and tied with a bow)
The menu
(printed on cardstock with a raffia bow hot glued to the top)
The Bride's seat...with an arrangement specially picked by the cutest nephew in the whole word!
I have to do a bit of a side story to tell about these flowers. On Friday I picked up Landry and told him that we had to go to the store to get flowers for Auntie KK's party. When we pulled into the parking lot he asked if he could pick his own flowers for Auntie KK. Of course I said yes. We went in and I got the flowers I needed. Then I took him around in the cart and asked him to choose his. He said, "No mama. I get down and choose da fowers aw by mysewf." So I got him out of the cart, he walked around, and chose this bouquet "aw by hissewf!" Melted my heart!
The family and friends' recipe book...

Prior to the wedding I asked each guest to send me some of their favorite recipes and a photo of themself. Then I put it all together and made her a recipe book on Shutterfly. I have to turned out really cute!

This was a photo board that I made for our game of "How Old is the Bride?" I collected pictures of Kaitlin as a child and numbered them. Each guest had to guess hold old Kaitlin was in the picture.
 It turned into a very serious game!
One of the answer sheets...
We also played a game, "He Said, She Said." I sent a list of questions to Ron and Kaitlin and sked them to answer them. Then I read the question, along with one of the answers. The guests held up a mustache if they thought it was Ron's answer and the tiara if they thought it was Kaitlin's answer. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the actual was so fun. :)
I stole an idea that my friend Kim did at a baby shower she threw for me...and I made each guest take a picture with the bride while she opened their gift. Like I said, Kim did this at one of my baby showers and I love the pictures. Trust me...everyone is very hesitant at first...but by the end they realize that it is such a great idea. Thanks, Kim!
Kaitlin and Jaylene
Kaitlin and Tanda
Tanda is Brittnee's mom...Brittnee and Kaitlin have been friends since elementary school.
Patsy, Kaitlin, and Ginger
We have been friends with this family since I was in 7th grade or so. They are part of our Fresno State Baseball Family! :) 
 Robyn and Kaitlin...thank you, Robyn for being silly with your picture! :)
 Kaitlin and Elizabeth
Kaitlin and Patsy
Patsy was one of my mom's first friends when we moved to Clovis. Now she is a great friend, the best hair stylist, and my mom's Mary Kay partner in crime! :)
 Kaitlin and Brittnee...Brittnee wrote something very "sentimental!"

Sarah, Kaitlin, and Lauren
Sarah and Kaitlin were roomates in the dorms at Fresno State...I think Lauren may have lived with them at one point, too...but I'm not positive. :)
Kaitlin and Aunt Judy
Kaitlin and Carol
 Carol has been our neighbor since we moved ino the house where my parents live...I used to babysit her twin daughters...who are now teachers, too!
Here is Sarah making the ribbon bouquet...she was very nervous about this task...but she did an AWESOME job!
 Way to go, Sarah!
 Kaitlin, Mom, and me
The "second best" bridal party ever!
 I have to say second because I think mine was pretty awesome! :)
Kait, I hope you had a wonderful day! I had so much fun planning all of the details and I hope it was everything you could have you!!!

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