Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zoo School!

On my last day of Spring Break, before I had to return to jury duty...thank you Ceasar Chavez for giving me one more day with my little man before returning to my civic duty...Landry and I went to a toddler class at the zoo...all about ELELPHANTS!!!
Our zoo does a series of classes every year for toddlers. Each week they offer a class that focuses on a different animal or region in the world. Last year I saw that they had one on elephants and I really wanted to sign Landry up. Unfortunately it was only offered on days that I work. This year I was so excited when I saw the schedule and saw that one of the elephant days was on my last day of Spring Break. Yippee...elephant class!!! Then jury duty came along...and I realized that I might have to miss it...I was sooooo bummed. Then our wonderful judge informed us that the Monday after Easter was Ceasar Chavez Day...NO COURT!!!! WOOHOO!!!
So, Monday came and the two of us headed to the zoo. Mr. Routine was a bit confused because Amy and Erin were not coming with us...we had just been to the zoo together 3 days before. :) Other changes...we parked in a different spot, entered through a different gate, and didn't have our stroller. He really is a man of his routine...all of these difference had him convinced that I didn't know what I was doing...and that we weren't really going to the zoo to learn about the "ewephants."
Rest assured...I did know what I was doing...shocking...I know! :) The class started with the kids getting to play in the room and explore a bit. Landry stayed as close to my side as exploring for him...surprising? Then it was time for them to sit at the carpet, listen to an elephant song, and learn all about them.
Here is Landry touching an elephant tail...
and an elephant foot. was time to make an elephant craft. Here is Landry glueing on the trunk...

then the ears...

finally the tusks!
All done...cutest elephant this mama has ever seen! :)

After our craft the teacher told us that we were going to get to meet with the elephant trainer, go to their tower, and feed the elephants! I'm not really sure who was more excited...Landry because he was going to get to feed the "ewephants" or me...because Landry would get to feed the elephants! We headed over to see Landry's two favorite friends at the zoo. We got to go "behind the scenes" up to the training tower. The trainer called over both of the elephants...

then gave each of the kids a handful of carrots for them to throw over to the elephants.
Someone could hardly wait to throw them...

Snack time!

Landry wanted to touch the elephants because they were so much closer to us than they normally are. When I told him he couldn't touch them, he was so sweet and said,
"Dat's ok, Mommy. Cuz I just fed him carwots...and dats pitty special. Maybe I touch dem yater"
Yes, sweet is pretty special...and if Mama ever hears of an opportunity for you to touch them, I promise we'll figure it out. :)

Overall Landry had so much fun! His favorite part was feeding them of course...and being able to watch them up close. He also thought it was "pitty siwy" that they have hair on their back...and now whenever he eats carrots he tells me, "Wook Mama...I'm eating carwots...yike da ewephants at da zoo." It was the perfect way to end my Spring Break. :)

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  1. Being the excellent auntie that I am... I did a bit of research. Thanks to the efforts of PETA you can no longer ride elephants at the San Diego or Santa Ana zoos and the San Francisco zoo doesn't have elephants at all. However... in an odd twist... you can ride elephants at the Six Flags in Vallejo. But... who knows how long that will actually last. Vallejo is an easy day trip and they have a cool behind the scenes "safari" that's a three hour walking tour with animal interactions restricted to 20 people. It'd be worth taking him while the opportunity is still available. Otherwise... you'll end up having to take him to Thailand to ride an "ewephant." Senior trip?