Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Cooking?

Many of you know that my sister is getting married in July and moving to Pennsylvania. She decided that instead of having a family shower, she wanted a day cooking with our aunt. Our Aunt Judy is an amazing cook! It really is a passion of hers and you can taste in it every bite of her yummy delights. She has attended cooking classes all over the world. Yesterday we headed down to Visalia for a day in the kitchen!
When we arrived my aunt had an apron, kitchen towel, and a copy of the day's recipes for each of us.

Of course you need to have some goodies to snack on while you cook!

My family is German and my grandmother was known for her homemade beerocks. So, my aunt shared with us how she and her mom made beerocks together.
Here is my mom chopping some cabbage!

Brittnee is grating the carrot...yes, my grandmother put carrot in her beerocks!

Kaitlin and Sarah worked on the say they had some difficulties is an understatement. :) Not sure how those two survived college together!

After all of our hard work we had an absolutely delicious lunch!
Homemade beerocks...

Mexican caesar salad...amazingly delicious!

Pesto pea salad...yummy!
You can't forget about dessert! We each made our own individual fresh fruit trifle...almost too pretty to eat...almost. :)
The beautiful table...perfectly coordinating with my sister's wedding colors.

All of us ladies...ready to eat!

Aunt Judy and Kaitlin (my sister)
My mom and sister
Sarah and Kaitlin
Sarah is one of Kaitlin's bridesmaids...they were assigned to the same dorm room in college and have been friends ever since!

Kaitlin and Brittnee
Brittnee is Kait's other bridesmaid...they have been best friends since elementary school!

Kaitlin and me

One more shot of the whole's all clean and ready to go again! :)
Thank you, Aunt Judy for having all of us girls in your kitchen! I know we brought you lots of laughs with our lack of knowledge in the kitchen. :) We all had a wonderful time, enjoyed a delicious meal, and some day I will be brave enough to make the beerocks on my own!
Big thanks to Uncle Todd for being our group photo photographer! :)

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