Monday, March 18, 2013

Santa Cruz...we STILL love you!

Back in November I bought a Living Social deal for a place in Santa Cruz. So Friday...we loaded up the car...
and headed to...
Chad and Landry quickly made themselves at home on our balcony...
that faced this...
Totally amazing! After getting settled in our room we headed to the beach.
Landry really wanted to "coop da sand up."

After some fun in the sand we headed to the wharf for a delicious dinner. Growing up my family always ate at Stagnaro' it was time to share the deliciousness! :)

Landry was soon in heaven! They have a GIANT aquarium right at the entrance and luckily we were seated next to it. He loved watching the fish...especially when he discovered...


When we were done eating the sun was setting so we had to get some pictures...and I LOVE them!


The next day it was time to head to the...
We walked the Boardwalk 3-4 times in the morning. It was FREEZING and Landry was having nothing to do with it. So we grabbed some lunch, headed back to our room, napped...and tried again. This time it was much warmer...thankfully...but Landry...still wasn't having ANY of it.
Here he is watching the train. We hung out and watched it for 15-20 minutes before I had him talked into possibly riding it. :)

Can you tell that he is starting to get a bit nervous?

He did a great job...had maybe a little bit of fun...and we were proud of him.
Next cream!!!!

After ice cream I was really hoping that he would be willing to ride the carousel. If you remember this post from last year...Landry is NOT  a fan of carousels. We tried the same strategy that we used with the train. We watched, and watched, and watched, and watched, and even bribed, but the answer was a resounding...NO!

Part of our Living Social deal was a gift certificate for dinner at the inn's bistro. Unfortunately the bistro was closed for remodeling so they gave us a gift certificate to their sister property...a German Ben Lamond! Not exactly what we paid for was an experience. We headed out and had one of the most interesting meals...ever. The food was pretty good but the environment was...well...eclectic to say the least! Here are some pictures I found from Google.

The next morning we woke up to this beautiful view...
and enjoyed our breakfast on the balcony!
After breakfast it was time to walk the beach and look for shells!

I just have to comment on the Santa striped jammy pants, Converse shoes, shades, fleece jacket...and of course...the hotel ice bucket...all standard sea shell gathering gear! :)

Landry was a bit hesitant at first. He was VERY worried that we were going to get in the water or that the water was going to get us. :)

This last picture cracks me up...he had just told Chad and I, "Yet's go guys. Yet's go back to our room!" Apparently he was over the sea shell hunting. :)
It was a wonderful weekend away! If you haven't purchased any Groupon or Living Social getaway deals...I highly recommend it. Seriously! I have done it twice and am so thankful. We are all so busy and always say we are going to take the time to get out of town...but unless you have already purchased it...and it has an expiration isn't very likely to happen. :)
In unrelated news...we went the whole weekend...never had an "accident"...and I'm pretty sure I saw every restroom from here to Santa Cruz! Yes, he takes after his mama when she was his age, and likes to visit every restroom he comes to. :)

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  1. You guys look like you had a great time! Kristin, I never knew you were so cautious when you were little -- helps to explain some of his apprehension and timidity (along with that of his Dad's younger years). I still think it's a good thing because that means he weighs consequences -- and that's not a bad thing ;o) After seeing your pics, I'm not sure I would recognize Santa Cruz (it's been a long time since I was there). Wish we had Living Social and Groupon in our neck of the woods. Your getaways sound & look wonderful XOXOXO from your Mother-in-Love & Father-in-Love ;o)