Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monster Bash

Last night we hosted a "Spooktacular Halloween Monster Bash" at our house. Now you know that I love to plan a good's true...I love creating a theme, the decor, the food...all of it. I have never really done a lot of decorating for Halloween in the past. This year I had a blast decorating...and thanks to the "Dollar Spot" at Target, Dollar Tree, and Michael's I was able to find lots of fun, glittery, festive decor items!

Scary and Boo signs came from the "Dollar Spot" at Target...the adorable black cat was from Dollar Tree...the glittery pumpkins and boa came from Michael's

The dining room table...

The mantle...

Tulle wrapped pumpkins...inspired by Pinterest

Bam Bam wanted to get in on the pictures, too!

By now you know that I love to come up with clever little names for yummy snacks and food...
Graveyard Guacamole
Zombie Hearts...aka cream cheese and chili sauce

Mummy Cupcakes...another Pinterest inspiration

Frankenstein Fruit...yup, thanks Pinterest

Mummy Dogs

Skeleton Bones...yet again...Pinterest to the rescue :o)
Pretzels with mini marshmallows covered in candy coating...DELICIOUS!
And it isn't fall without caramel apples!
Create your own caramel apple bar...caramel, apples, nuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips...yummy! I forgot to get a picture of the entire was pretty cute. :o)

As you can see...the cupcakes were a hit!

Kiddie Cupcake Corner!
We told the kids they had to eat their cupcake in the kitchen so that it didn't get in the all three of them stood along the wall like they were in some kind of "cupcake prison!"

Of course the best part of the party is seeing everyone in their costumes! I made a make-shift photo booth on our patio...cue the cuties!
To all of the my photography friends out you are ever able to get cute pictures of kiddos is amazing to are my heroes!
Here are my attempts at getting 4 children in one shot...priceless. :o)
Landry and Nolan...aka...Bam Bam and a tiger!

Bam Bam, a mermaid, and a ninja

and more cutie...if I couldn't get two children to look at once, or three, why did I think I could get four?

Things I love about this picture...1. Ashley's hand wrangling in her tiger 2. Tommy has the bubble gun 3. Victoria was beautiful and smiling perfectly in every shot 4. Landry stood still like a statue the entire time! :o)

The Klinger Family...
loved Troy's tattoo he looked like a really creepy prisoner...
and Denise was a fierce looking Bat Girl!
The Edell Family...aka Goldilocks and the three bears!

Finn the Human, from Adventure Time on Cartoon Network...aka Davis

Dorothy and the Scarecrow...aka Frank and Sheri

The Netto Family

Here we are...The Rubbles!

Landry really wanted to get a picture with "his baby" Amelia! Here are the proud daddies...notice that Landry is holding Amelia's sweet!

Barney and Bam Bam

Bam Bam and his proud mama, Betty!

Dorothy and Betty

The entire group...minus Dorothy...she was still working as a dj...oh and Ryan...who was the photographer!

I think it is safe to say that everyone had a great time. It was so fun having everyone together, with all our crazy children, costumes, yummy treats, drinks, and of course...great friendship!

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  1. so cute, kristin (no surprise!). and i LOVE your costumes... super creative!