Sunday, October 14, 2012

Avila Valley Barn

Well, it seems that fall is here whether the weather agrees or not! I have to say, I never used to be a huge fan of fall or Halloween...I am a heat and summer loving kinda girl. :o) Since having Landry that has definitely changed. Don't get me wrong...I still LOVE the heat...but I really love all of the fun things that come with fall: the fair, pumpkins, Halloween, costumes, apple cider, pumpkin patches, etc.
Last year my mom, sister and I took a trip over to Avila Valley Barn with Landry. If you remember...he wasn't such a fan. So, this year we thought we'd try it out again! If you have never been...I strongly recommend it. It is a darling little farm with all kinds of veggies, a pumpkin patch, hayrides, pony rides, ice cream, baked goodies, roasted corn, and every kind of pumpkin you can imagine!
They have farm animals that you can feed! Since we had just gone to the fair and Landry loved seeing the farm animals I thought that he would definitely love being able to feed the animals. Not so much! He didn't want anything to do with feeding them. :o)

Once we had seen the animals he asked to go see the "mumkins!"
So, off to the giant field of pumpkins we went.
That's when the stinker came out...he would not smile for a picture at all!

This is the only shot I could get of him even looking at the camera!

He would give us one quick smile with me!

Checking out the pumpkins with Nawnie.

He kept asking to go see the "wittle mumkins" we headed back to the farm store to pick out some "mumkins." As you can see... "mumkin" picking is serious business. :o)

Once the wagon was loaded up Landry was determined to push it!


He finally gave up and told me, "Mommy do it!"
I forgot to mention that there were many tears during our adventure. He didn't want to take pictures, or go on the hayride, or feed the animals, or walk. It was loads of fun. :o) Here is the best shot I could get with Auntie KK...he looks thrilled, right?

So, once we had our pumpkins loaded up...we headed to Pismo for some lunch!

Landry's first Splash Cafe meal...first of many more!

We took a walk down to the pier, watched the surfers, and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather!

Nawnie and Landry

Auntie KK and Landry

Mommy and Landry

After some time at the beach we got back in the car and headed home...guess what...Landry asked to go to the "mumkin patch!" Seriously...the place where you didn't want to do anything? Welcome to life with a 2 year old! :o)

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