Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope that everyone had a safe, fun-filled Halloween...we certainly did! Landry had a Halloween Party with all of his friends at daycare and came home with quite a bit of loot. Since it was Wednesday, that meant that he got to spend the afternoon with Nawnie! Before we left Nawnie's house we had a little photo shoot of our Bam-Bam.
I have to add that most of the time when I want a picture he will stand just like he did here, cross his hands, and say, "cheese." I love it!

Once we were at home I asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating. Sometimes he would say yes and other times he would say no. If I mentioned something sbout getting candy then he would always answer yes. :o) After 4 or 5 groups of kids had come to our door he was then asking to we headed out...not really expecting much.
If you know Landry then you know he is not a man of many words. Meaning, if you are a stranger, he is not saying a word to you. Even if you aren't a stranger, he can be pretty silent sometimes. Chad and I were pretty sure that there was NO way he would walk up to a strange house, ring the doorbell, say trick or treat, and then take some candy. know me well enough to know that I had to get him to try...and guess what...he LOVED it! Totally blew us away!!!!
We originally planned to go to 3-4 houses but we actually made it to 10 or 12. He said trick or treat and thank you each and every time. If you can't tell...I am BEAMING with pride right now! My sweet, quiet, super shy little man was a doll. He got tons of compliments on his costume...and was told many times that he was just the cutest thing. I couldn't agree more! Finally we told him that it was time to come home. Here's his loot:

He knew exactly what to do with that bucket of candy...first it was "cheese" time...
then it was time to go for the Snickers!

"Dats petty good, Mommy!"

Of course he had to finish the night with his favorite...M&Ms!

He was very interested in the kids that came to our door. He quickly realized that they were asking for candy, too. He was soooooo sweet and kept telling me, "I gif dem my nandy, Mommy...wook...fum my bucket." Melt. my. heart. How could it be that this sweet thing who was just so brave and went trick or treating now wanted to give all of his candy to the kids that came to our house? Again...beaming with pride. I told him not to worry that we had other candy to give them...but he INSISTED that his bucket needed to go next to the other bucket of candy. Needless to say, the evening was a HUGE success! Oh how I love my little Bam Bam!!!!!

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  1. So precious!!! Our little, shy guys are truly growing up.