Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hillcrest Farms

The fall festivities are in full swing here at the Lofgren House! Fresno State Football, the Big Fresno Fair, and pumpkin patches!!!!!  Last weekend we went to Avila...this weekend it was time for us to visit Hillcrest Farms in Reedly. Last year we went just the three of us...this year we invited our dear friends, the Klingers, with us!
If you remember, last year Landry was not a fan of the pumpkin patch or pumpkins at all. This wasn't looking so good either! :o)
Victoria, Landry, and Tommy

The three of us...someone is starting to warm up to the idea.

The Klingers
Hillcrest Farms is known for their steam trains so of course we had to take a ride on it!

Waiting in line on Daddy's shoulders

Riding in the caboose...Victoria's choice!

After the train ride it was time for some lunch. We won the "Parents of the Year" award by feeding our child nothing but cotton candy. Yup, true story. Here's the proof...cotton candy face!

After our lunch we headed down the trail to the hayride!

While we waited in line Victoria found a little corn cute together!

I also seized this moment to get a picture with Handsome and the usual...he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. :o)

Time for the hayride...which ended up being a bit of a "splash hayride" when we were doused by a joke!

After the hayride Tommy and Victoria wanted to walk through the corn path again.

Then...believe it or not...Landry ASKED to go see the pumpkins!!!! Hillcrest has a ton of different pumpkins to see and purchase. The best part...they have them arranged in these perfect little photo ops.

How cute are these three?

I'm not sure who likes who more!


Along with the train, cotton candy, sno-cones, hot dogs, hayride, corn path, pumpkins, playhouses, and swinging bridge...there is a GIANT swing. When I say giant, I mean, the swing is like 4 feet off the ground. Victoria and Tommy had a blast!

Once again we had a ton of fun...with the Klingers...and at Hillcrest! It only took Landry about 2 hours to warm up and get comfortable...but once he did he was set. :o) Just for fun, here is a picture of Landry there last year...
and this year...

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  1. My, what a difference a year makes -- he actually looks like he's having fun :o) Looks like it was a great time for the Lofgrens & Klingers! I think fall makes everyone happy!!!! Love you, XOXO GG & Poppie