Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks, Fun, and Friends!

If you have read my blog for a long time you know that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love it! It also helps that Chad and I went on our first "date" on 4th of July...10 years ago!!!! How can that possibly be?

Every year we go to our friends', the Nettos and enjoy a day of swimming, eating, hanging by the pool...and of course, fireworks! I have to say that this year was one of the most fun. I think it was all of the kids. :o) What once used to be a pretty much all adults gathering has now turned into a family fun zone with lots of little much more fun with the little ones!

Landry and Victoria had a ton of fun playing in the pool! Yup, you read that right...Landry had FUN in the pool! :o) In the past he has not been a fan of the water. When I say, "not a fan," I mean that it normally involves LOTS of crying, screaming, and shaking. Not yesterday. Yesterday he was all about the water...and he even asked to get back in...two different times! I think it had a bit to do with his buddy is no secret that he LOVES her!

Each year I am in charge of dessert. I always try to do a red, white, and blue treat...and I don't think I have ever repeated the same thing twice. This year's goodies were push-up cupcake pops!

They were delicious...if I do say so myself...and the perfect little treat during fireworks.

After an afternoon of fun in the sun it was time to get the show started!
Sparklers for everyone!!!!

Tommy lighting up the night.

Victoria was double fisted!

Sheri and Victoria

Another "tradition" that we have is to take a sparkler picture. This year proved to be a bit of a challenge. :o) Our photographer, Brian, kept telling us to get the sparklers closer, Sheri and I kept yelling, "Take the picture...we are getting burned." True story. Sparkler pictures are a lot of work...between the smoke that always blows in your face, timing it before the sparkler dies, and of course, trying not to catch each other on fire...this year I think the sparklers got the best of us...but we still got some cute pics! :o)

This one just cracks me up...not the best...but so funny!

Davis decided that he wanted to take my picture with a sparkler...he also gave me a nickname...Crafty Kristin! It was really sweet, he saw some fruit and marshmallow kabobs that I had made and said, "Yup, Crafty Kristin strikes again!" I loved it. :o)

Handsome even got in on the sparkler fun!

He loved holding them and after each one burned out he would say, "Ohhhhhh!" So sweet!

Daddy showing Landry how to light the sparklers.

"Cheese!" As you can see, Landry was very interested in the other fireworks that were going off.

Handsome and me!

My two boys! I LOVE this picture...really...absolutely LOVE it!

Our sweet little family!

Watching the fireworks with Daddy....

and Mommy!

The men behind the show...Jake and Davis!

And of course...the grand finale...the "Jake and Brian Fireworks Human Totem Pole!"
Getting ready... hands!

Brian added some extra "flair" to the show this year! :o)

So, another 4th of July has come and gone. Once again, we had a blast...and we are proud to say that nothing was caught on fire, there were no injuries, and of course...I am already thinking of my dessert for next year. :o)

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