Monday, June 25, 2012

Viva, Las Vegas!!!

This past weekend Chad and I flew to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate our dear friend, Sheri's 40th birthday! I was honestly slightly terrified on the flight over...1. I HATE flying, 2. When you have a child your fears intensify....I was even more worried that something was going to happen and Landry would be left with no parents. I know it sounds a bit crazy...but if you are a parent you know what I'm talking about, if you aren't a parent yet, just will know what I am talking about one day. :o)

Back to the weekend...needless to say, we made it there safely. We stayed at the amazing Aria Resort! Aria is known for it's state of the art technology in their rooms. Every room features it's own Control 4 System...which by the way, my hubby installs in houses...I know, he is pretty awesome...more on that coming soon!

When we opened the door to our room the curtains automatically opened, the t.v. turned on, lights turned on, and the t.v. screen even had my name on it! I don't know why I didn't get a picture of that. :o( Here is the AMAZING bed! Seriously, if I could have packed the bed in my suitcase, I totally would was soooooooo comfy!

The beautiful bathroom

Yes, the shower and tub are neat. Oh, and yes...I took these pictures right before we checked out...hence why the shower doors are still wet from our morning showers. :o)

On Friday night we went to the Palms Resort. We started off at Ghostbar.

It is a really neat lounge that is located 55 stories above the Las Vegas skyline. Part of it is outdoors so you have an amazing view of the strip and city.
Here's Sheri and me

Chad and me...that Palms sign in the background is the sign that is at the top of the other tower at the resort!

After that it was time to get our groove we went to the nightclub next door...Rain!

It was so fun, loud, crowded, crazy, and unlike anything else I have experienced at a nightclub before. To make things even better...DJ Jazzy Jeff was our host for the evening!!!

I took these pictures with my phone so they are horrible...but...that is DJ Jazzy Jeff!

On Saturday we got a late start, ate a good ol' Denny's breakfast and hung out by the pool soaking up some sun! Then that night it was time to continue with our fun so we headed down to Haze.
Once again, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced! It was once again loud, crowded, so much fun, crowded, loud, oh...and crowded! We tried to get our groove on...but honestly, when you are crammed in as tightly as we is a bit hard. :o)

I love the next picture...Sheri and Frank having some fun...and Frank's expression couldn't have been more perfect! Oh, and yes, that's a wizard and a Teletubby on the stage. Told you. Crazy.

Remember how I said that Chad is pretty awesome earlier...well...he was totally awesome this weekend! I will be the first to admit that he was such a trooper the entire weekend. He danced with me...when I know he didn't want to...just because it was sooooooooooooo crowded...he acted like he was having fun, I think he did a little bit...and he never once complained about anything...he was awesome! As a result...we got this super cute picture in Haze! :o)

On Sunday I told Chad that I kind of wanted to walk the strip and check out the other casinos. Again, Chad was AMAZING and said that he was totally up for that! After breakfast we headed to MGM Grand to see the lions. Little did I know, they no longer have the lions. :o(

Next stop...Bellagio! Inside Bellagio they have an absolutely beautiful conservatory full of fresh flowers arranged in breathtaking displays! Here are some giant bumble bees, flowers, and silk hot air balloons that were hanging from the ceiling!

My handsome husband and me!

Next, we went out front, took a quick picture in front of the Eiffel Tower...

and watched the fountains at Bellagio. Not only did we have a perfect view...but we chose the right spot because we were able to enjoy the mist of the fountains. Did I mention that it was like 108 degrees...H-O-T!!!

From there, it was on to Caesar's! We strolled through the Forum Shops, rode the curved escalator, saw Dick Butkiss. Funny side story...Dick Butkiss was in a sports memorabilia store signing autographs and there was a promoter standing out front, yelling, " Dick Butkiss!" There was definitely an emphasis on the last it was kind of funny to be walking in a really nice shopping mall with a man yelling, "Butkiss!" Only in Vegas!!!! Of course we had to stop and watch the Atlantis Show. :o)

Chad and me in front of the fountains at the entrance of the Forum Shops

So, have I mentioned that Chad was such a trooper? This last bit just shows what an amazing man I am married to! I am a HUGE fan of the movie "Serendipity" featuring John Cusack and Kate is one of my all time favorites! I love the story, the idea of fate in our lives, and of course the romance. A main part of the story takes place in a real restaurant in New York named Serendipity. I don't really have a "bucket list" but if I did, eating at Serendipity would definitely be on it. Before our trip I discovered that there was a Serendipity in Las Vegas! I was so excited!!!!!

It is right in front of Caeser's Palace.

There was quite a line when we walked up...and we soon discovered that the wait time was an hour and a half! If you know Chad, you know that he hates to wait 20 minutes for a meal...much less an hour and a half for a dessert. But...he said, "Do it!" So we put our name down, did some shopping, and came back!

As you can see it is adorable! I loved the decor, the feel of it, everything! It is decorated in orange and pink...which is one of my favorite color combos...obviously, they were my wedding colors!

It is very whimsical, light hearted, and has the feel of an old fashioned ice cream parlor and tea party combined. :o)

Chad ordered a mint, chocolate, marshmallow sundae...isn't he cute!?!

I ordered an amazing carrot cake, butter pecan prailine, maple sundae!!!

It was to. die. for! So yummy, so fun, so perfect!!!!

Overall it was a wonderful trip...with the exception of the flights. I would NOT recommend flying Allegiant to anyone!!!! That could be a whole other blog post. In a nutshell we were delayed an hour and a half on our flight out...and 4 and a half hours on our ways home! :o(

We had a great weekend full of fun, laughter, dancing, friendship, celebrating, relaxation, and most importantly FUN!!! Yes, it was very hard being away from Handsome for so long...but at the same time it was so nice to spend some real quality time with my hubby. After almost 10 years together and two years of raising a little one, it was so nice to be reminded of the connection that has kept us together for so long. Babe, I love you and am so thankful to have had a wonderful weekend just you and me! Frank and Sheri...once again, thanks for a weekend full of fun and great memories. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for watching Landry for the weekend!:o)

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  1. hooray for fun trips and time with your hubby. :)