Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fabulous Friends

My dear friend Erin just joined the "30 Club" this week. Last night, her husband threw a wonderful surprise party for her with all of her closest friends and family...a little bit more on that in a bit!

Erin and I have been friends for seven years now! Seven. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that every once in awhile a post comes up about my struggles with friendships. I am happy today to be able to brag about one of the best friendships that I have right now...with one awesome gal...and one that has lasted and grown through many ups and downs.

Christmas Party

I was kind of surprised when I realized that we have been friends for that many years. The time has flown by but when I sit here and think about all of the things we have experienced together, it feels like a lifetime of memories. There have been job changes, Starbucks dates, a proposal, first homes, Starbucks dates, bridal showers, a wedding, birthdays, holidays, health issues, Starbucks dates, deaths of grandparents, new jobs, the sudden closing and tearing down of our "go-to" lunch spot, Starbucks dates, tears, laughter, Twilight, hugs, an NKOTB concert, tailgates, Starbucks dates, BABIES, baby showers, Starbucks dates, motherhood, thousands of text messages, zoo trips, and of course... Starbucks dates!

NKOTB concert at Save Mart Center
It all started when a mutual friend went on maternity leave. I'm going to be honest, and Erin knows this, so its not a shocker, but at first, I was really bummed. At the time I was teaching next door to Shara. We had only worked together the one year, she was pregnant, and we had totally hit it off. I was bummed that I was losing my friend next door. Little did I know that I was going to be so blessed with another amazing friend!

One of our many Starbucks dates!

The clasrooms at my school have adjoining doors, so two rooms are kind of connected. I would have to go into Erin's room to get things from the printer, we would chat here and there, and slowly but surely we realized we were "meant to be" as we say! We really are such dorks!

My wedding
We soon discovered that we had a shared love of US Weekly and anything involving celebrity gossip...which is something our husbands despise. We also had a love for Starbucks. Nothing brings people together like coffee and tabloids! Needless to say, once we "revealed" our secret vices...we were bonded!
My baby shower...Erin had her own baby bump, too!
Unfortunately the year came to an end and Erin got a job at a different school. Fortunately our love of coffee and mindless reality t.v. shows kept us together. We used to get together once a week and watch Hills together. We have always lived on opposite sides of town, so Applebee's in Fig Garden was always our "go-to" lunch spot...we have since moved on to The Habit. :o)

Our first "Annual Spring Break Zoo Trip"
There are so many things that we have in common and yet there are many things that are so different between us. Erin has taught me how to stand up for myself more, how to have "courageous conversations" with people, to hold people accountable, how to show that a friend is there no matter what, that even if months go by when we haven't seen eachother...we are still the best of friends, how to apologize when we make mistakes, and most of all, that she always has a shoulder to lean on in the good times and in the bad times. I am so blessed to have had her friendship through the past seven years, and I can't wait to share what life continues to bring our way!!!!

Second "Annual Spring Break Zoo Trip"
Now, back to where I started! :o) Last night we celebrated Erin and her big 3-0!!!! Erin's husband coordinated the entire event...wait to go, Corbin. He had asked me to be in charge of decorations and of course I said, "yes!" He arranged for a private room at The Elbow Room and wanted to go with purple, black, and silver.

Here are the centerpieces I made:
(Silver glittler take-out boxes from Michaels - topped with a hand made tissue paper flower, a clear vase that I hot glued ribbon to, then 2 larger hand made tissue paper flowers to balance it out.)

The banner for the buffet table:

Then it came time for...


During dinner Corbin gave a great speech

It is safe to say that everyone had a great night!

Happy Birthday, Erin! I am so thankful for your the way...when is our next Starbucks date? :o)


  1. so thankful you two amazing ladies are still so close after all these years. i'd kinda like to take credit for that ;) hee hee.
    wish i was there to go to starbucks with you girls! happy birthday, erin!

  2. Such a sweet & poignant post. Kristin, you always know how to make me "cry for happy." So glad you two are great friends! Love, GG