Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monterey...Part 2

Yesterday I told you about our trip to Monterey...particularly the aquarium. As promised...here is part two! 

After the aquarium we decided to head back to our hotel for what was supposed to be a nap. Well...the nap didn't happen. Even though he completely crashed in the car...and it was WAY past his naptime...and we were about 10 minutes from the aquarium...he was bright-eyed and bushy tailed once we got back to our room.

He kept asking to go see the animals. So we decided to head to the wharf where we thought he would be able to see a ton of seals. Last time we visited the wharf area was covered in seals. This time. Not so much. As in...there was one lone seal in the area where there used to be 50-100.

Yes, we did walk down a few ramps and docks so that we could get "up close and personal" with this little seal. He was so cute. After that we decided it was time for dinner. So Gilbert's it was!

Our table looked out at the harbor...and we were treated to the cutest little show. There were a group of about 6 seals that were swimming, flipping, playing, and having a ton of fun out in the water. They were so much fun to watch!

On Sunday Landry woke up wanting to "go spashing!" We got in the car and drove to Pacific Grove to the tide pools. I thought that he would love to stand and splash in the pools, play with rocks, watch the hermit crabs. Yup. Not so much.

It took him quite awhile to get to the point where he would let Chad put him down. There were a TON of hermit crabs. Landry...not interested. He finally got comfortable enough to walk around on the beach by himself. At one point Chad climbed up on a big rock and Landry kept pointing and telling him, "No, Daddy, no! Down Daddy. Walk over here Daddy!" Such a cautious little guy. :o)

From there we headed back to Downtown Monterey, ate lunch, walked around a bit and grabbed a Starbucks before we hit the road. I have created a bit of a "Starbucks Monster"...he loves their black iced tea.

And...you always know that a good time was had when you look in the back seat to see this!

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