Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Last night we had a bunch of friends over for the UFC fights. Jeff and Deborah just had a beautiful baby girl, Amelia. I was so excited that they were going to stop by so that we could meet Miss Amelia. She was tiny, precious, and oh so sweet. 

Landry definitely agreed! He was enthralled with her and couldn't get close enough. When Jeff was holding her, Landry crawled up on Chad and snuggled up just like Amelia. At one point Amelia started to cry and Landry went right over to her carrier, picked up her binky and gave it to Jeff to give to her.

I was a little worried to see what he would do when I held Amelia...well, he totally melted my heart! The minute he saw that I had her he said, "I hold baby, Mama." He crawled up really close and just watched and watched her. "I hold baby, Mama," he pleaded. Jeff and Deborah were so kind that they let him hold Amelia.
As you can see...he was in HEAVEN! "My baby, Mama! I hold my baby!" He was just so sweet and so cute. He was amazed at her tiny ears and hands...and he was NOT happy when I took her back. "Mama...dats my baby, Mama!" He could not have been any sweeter!

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  1. OMG -- that child has the sweetest countenance. He has such a pure heart and gentle spirit! And I believe Landry means "perfect in every way." And I am speaking from a place of total nonbias ;o) Love all three of you to pieces!!! GG