Sunday, May 6, 2012

Landry Tigh...2 years old!

Dear Landry,

I cannot believe that today I am writing this post in honor of your second birthday. Where oh where has the time gone?

Two years ago your daddy and I were still sitting in a hospital delivery room waiting to meet you. We should have known then that you were letting us in on a little bit of your personality. :o) Finally the time came to go into surgery and there you were...
 the most amazing 7 pound, 14 ounce present we have ever been given!
Your laid back, easy going personality shined through right from the get that from Daddy. You loved to be held...and my favorite was that you LOVED to sleep! You started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and still love to go "nigh-nigh."

Fast forward two years later and you are still the most amazing gift ever!

You love your daddy and try to do everything just like him!
 You are easy going, cautious, shy around new people, and determined to do things your way...just like Daddy. :o)
 You especially love climbing into his seat and saying, "my power" as you grab the remote control!

You are still a big fan of your sunglasses...and ask for them before you ever go outside..."Gasses, Mommy?"

You still love anything having to do with food! Many times you will try and steal whatever it is that Daddy and I are trying to eat. You will climb right up into our lap and then sit like a little baby bird, mouth open, just waiting for some!
Some of your favorites are "fench fies," "nandy," "snacks," fruit, pizza, "ohs," chips, and of course....DIP! Yes, you are quite the fan of ANY kind of dip...ketchup, bbq sauce, salsa, guacamole, spinach dip, jalapeno artichoke dip, the sky is the limit with you. You also insist on having "dip" with french fries...cracks us up!

Even though you are pretty quiet...there are still times that you like to be a get that from me. :o)

You love to ham it up for a camera, run around on your tip-toes, and have your own idea of where things belong...just like your mama! :o)

You are a true animal LOVER! You love our trips to the zoo...and now that I have shown you the pictures of the animals on the computer, whenever you see the computer open you climb on up and ask to see the "ephants," "moonkeys," "zebas," and tigers.

You even got to touch a real "munny" this year...and you still ask about them!

Some new discoveries this year were bubbles and the hose! I swear that you would live outside if you we would let you. :o) You have spent hours in the back yard blowing bubbles all over the place.

And you have flooded the backyard countless times with the hose.

Some things that you DIDN'T like this year are...

being dressed like a gnome,


and of course...pumpkins!

Of wouldn't be a true birthday post without...a picture of lion!

Here you are at 1 month with Lion

1 year old with Lion

and you are...a big 2 year old!

I can't wait to celebrate you today with our friends and family! You have turned your daddy and I into parents that could not be more proud of the little man you are. We love you with all of our hearts and cannot imagine what life would be without you. You have made us a beautiful family of THREE!

Happy Birthday, Landry Tigh Lofgren!


"There's this boy...he stole my heart...and he calls me 'Mom!'"

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