Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Landry Tigh Just Turned 2!

Today we celebrated Handsome and his 2nd birthday! Before he was born everyone must of known that he would LOVE monkeys because we received quite a few monkeys and monkey related items. All of them were and are his choosing a party theme was easy!

Here is the adorable invitation created by Kristine Schroeder at KDS Designs:

There is a wonderful park right by my parent's I reserved our spot and it was PERFECT!

 The tables...
Monkeys and bananas!
(bins were from Dollar Tree, pinwheels: Party City, monkeys and bananas:WinCo)

 Favors for the kids...filled with Landry's favorites: a monkey, bubbles, and M&Ms!
 It's not a party without some cake!
 And of course you need something to eat!

 Everything is all set up and ready to go!
 (I made the banner using my Silhouette, tags and labels were created using Microsoft Word, foam monkeys came in a craft set fom Michaels)
 Here is the birthday boy!


 Love my little family!
 Poppie trying to find the trick to "Barrel of Monkeys!"
 The kids had a blast playing at the park!

Landry and Nolan

 There's nothing better than a birthday hug!
 Landry and Amy...such good buddies!

 Landry and Victoria...I think Landry has quite the crush on Miss Victoria!

 Trying out the swings...
 not such a fan!
 "Hi Tommy!"
 Finally, time for some cake!
 Landry was really funny this year! He WOULD NOT touch the cupcake until we gave him a fork...and then he had to stop whenever there was a "mess" on his hands. This child cracks me up!

 Mom gets a bite, too!

 Amy loved her push-pop cupcake!
 Landry wasn't realy very interested in opening the presents. He was much more interested in cleaning up the "mess," pointing out airplanes, birds, saying "bye-bye" to helicopters...
 and dragging his balloons around!
 Best buddies!
 After it was all cleaned up and done...time for some quick pictures!

Nawnie and denying who's grandson he is!

Auntie KK
 GG and Poppie
 and here is what happens when you try and get  2 year old to pose for one more picture!
Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with us! We love you all and are so lucky to have you as a part of our, The Lofgrens!

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  1. what a cute party!!! he is a lucky little guy :)

  2. Sooooooo adorable Kristin!!! I am so impressed! I absolutely love all the adorable touches you did to make a party at the park so cute. We live right down the street from this park. I wish we would have been playing then, so we could have crashed the party! :) Landry is one lucky little boy! Miss you!

  3. Super cute party! You are so talented! Happy birthday Landry! :-)

  4. So cute, love the monkey party! So fun.
    Marcie @