Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Part 2...The Hunt!

Yesterday I shared part of our Easter festivities...and as promised...here is how we spent the rest of the day...hunting Easter Eggs!!!

At first Landry wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do...but he quickly got the hang of it. :o) The first egg he found, he opened it up and discovered that there was NO candy inside. He looked at me, with "the look," and said, "Nuting in here, Mommy!" He seemed a bit annoyed that there wasn't candy inside them. :o)

"What's in here?'

 "I see it, Mommy...I see it!"

Landry is really funny when it comes to dirt. Funny as in...he's not such a fan of it! He LOVES to be outside but if he gets any dirt on his hands he immediately comes over and says, "Ewwwww, Mommy...ewww!" It totally cracks me up...Chad...not so much. :o) So, during the hunt he was rather hesitant to go into the flower beds to get the eggs.

If he picked up an egg that had dirt on it he would hold it up and say, "Yuck...egg...yucky...ewwww," and he would not put it in the basket until one of us cleaned it off.

Getting some help from Great Nana...and Nawnie, too.

If he found an egg in a plant he would yell out, "Mommy...fower...fower, Mommy...I see it!"

While we were outside hunting eggs...here's what my dad and Chad were doing...watching the Master's!

Landry had a blast...and we had a blast watching him find his eggs...even if some were "yucky!" Here he is showing off his loot...such a proud boy!

If you are wondering about the hat...well...of course there is a story. :o) On Saturday Chad was working on my car's tire and he had his hat on backwards. Since then, anytime Landry wears a hat it has to be just like Daddy. If I try to put it on facing forward he will grab it, turn it around and say, "Hat like Daddy, Mommy!" Then he turns it around and walks away. It totally melts my heart when he wants to do things just like his daddy!

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  1. Oh, my word -- he is just too funny! Kristin, I know you certainly don't only post this blog for me, but I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to see and hear all of the adorable new things Landry is doing and saying. And not only Landry, but to be a part of your lives, as well. Todd & I both look forward to every new posting. You are such a doll and I love & appreciate all you do!! Hugs & Kisses, GG & Poppie