Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Day to "Dye" For!

To say that I have been having so much fun with Landry is a bit of an understatement...with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday...not sure what happened on those two days but I am pretty sure someone stole by child and gave almost 2 year old. :) Yes, we are getting a bit "independent" over here...and if you know the code for "independent" then you know it isn't fun!
But I will have more on that later! :o)

Back to the fun part!

Since Landry took his picture with the live bunnies...or munnies as they are called in our house...he has talked about them non-stop. So yesterday morning I decided to do a little "craft" with Landry.
 I saw the idea on Pinterest and put my own little spin on it.

First, you need one of these:

 You will also need some cardstock, brown paint, white paint, a paintbrush, black pen, and a green crayon.

You start by painting one thumb and printing it as many times as you would like. We were making six different cards, with three bunnies on each card...
you can obviously do however many you would like.

Next, paint the index finger and print it on top of the thumb...these are you bunny heads! :o)

Then I went ahead and painted on ears and tail,
drew some grass,
and whiskers,
and voila...
cute, little cotton-tail bunnies!

Then you can add a cute little note...
and of course a picture is always perfect...
there you have it...
who wouldn't want to get that card in the mail?

 While I was putting the finishing touches on Landry's "munnies" he wanted to keep painting. So, I gave him a brush and a paper plate with some water...kept him busy!

 He loved painting with the water...and tried to recreate his own art!


The fun didn't stop there!
Later in the afternoon my mom came over and we colored Easter eggs!!!
Cue...the naked baby:

I don't think I have ever shared with you how modest Landry is.
Yes, he HATES to be without an item of clothing.
He gets extremely embarrassed if leave him in just his diaper or don't put a shirt on him right away. So it took him a bit to get used to sitting in his chair with no shirt on. :o)

We tried a few different strategies...
even the Pinterest whisk idea...
which didn't work so well for us...
whisk was too big and the cups were too small.
So we just went with the cup...
in a larger dish to catch "spashes" as Landry called them...
and a "poon" to stir with.

He was so funny...
every egg started with a "wow"...
and of course...
egg dyeing is a very serious job for Landry.

He quickly discovered that he could make music with the spoon in the dish and that became a game in of itself. 

Ta-da...our final product...lots of colorful eggs!  

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