Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We are WILD about the Zoo!

You may remember this post from last year...our first trip to the zoo with my dear friend, Erin and her daughter, Amy!

Well, here we are a year later...which is crazy in itself...and we have enjoyed yet another wonderful day at the zoo!

First stop...elephants! Landry LOVED the "ephants" so much that he would talk about them every time we saw a new animal. "Ephants...water," he would say. I'm not really sure what he liked more...the "ephants" or their waterfall. :o)

Elephant watching is very serious business.

One thing was for sure...he was NOT a fan of the elephant statue! Three things I love about this picture...1. My child is FREAKING out about being next to an elephant statue, 2. Amy is trying to figure out why he is totally freaking out...and 3. The little boy in the background is clearly amused the entire situation. :o)

Amy on the other hand...LOVED the elephant statue!

You know me...I wasn't about to give up on the elephant. So, we tried sitting next to it together...not so much.

We tried looking at Erin...not so much. We had Amy call out Landry's name...not so much. Just so you know...he wasn't biased towards the elephant...he all around did not want to have anything to do with ANY of the animal statues. Adorable wooden monkey...yup...not so much. So...this was as good as it got. :o)

What he was all about...SNACKS of course! He was in heaven sitting in his stroller, hat, shades, and SNACKS! He even shared with Amy...and another random child that decided to just come on up and snatch some of his snacks right from his bag. Yup...random child...took his snacks...awesome?!?

We happened to be at the giraffes right at the time that they do the feeding...so we decided to give it a try. Erin and Amy went first...that way Landry could kind of see what was going to happen.

Then it was our turn. The zookeeper was really "funny" and asked if Landry wanted to do it all by himself. Clearly this zookeeper had not witnessed the elephant and monkey statue situations...there was NO way Landry would be willing to stand there and feed a giraffe by himself. I honestly wasn't even sure how he was going to do with me holding him. He did pretty good...no crying...not a total freak out...just a little tight grip of my shoulders...I was really proud.

Getting ready...

He actually held a leaf out on his own!

Not so sure about the second time...

Here is the "action" shot taken by the zookeeper.

From there it was on to the sea lions...and some more snacks. :o)

After the sea lions...we went to check out Sting Ray Bay. Once again...Amy LOVED getting her hands in the water and watching the sting rays!

Landry...not so much! He wanted to be a safe distance away from the sting rays! :o)

Here is Erin's AMAZING attempt at a group shot!

Here is one that we talked a zookeeper into taking for us. :o)

It was a great day and definitely a lot of fun. We can' wait to go back again!!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this little man? Love. him. to. pieces!!!!!!!!

Just for some fun...here are some "then" and "now" shots from last year's and this year's trip.


2 babies, 2 mega-strollers, 2 hats, one set of glasses, and a binky

2 TODDLERS, 2smaller strollers, one hat, one flower, 2 sets of glasses, and SNACKS

2 babies holding on for dear life...not sure where they are or what they are doing

2 toddlers ready to take on the world...one is ready to run, climb, sit, explore, touch and race from one thing to the next...the other is going to study every single leaf, branch, crack in the sidewalk, and anything else...very slowly, cautiously, and from a safe distance. Can you guess who is who?:o)

 2 mamas who love their babies more than life itself

2 mamas who love their TODDLERS more than life itself!

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  1. so cute! can't believe how big those kiddos are getting. miss you girls.