Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Proud!

Landry has been cracking us up lately! We pretty much spend our days laughing at the things he does...but one thing in particular is especially funny...and so sweet at the same time.

He learned how to clap about two months ago and it is his new favorite thing. The best part is that he claps for himself when he is proud of himself...so sweet. This past weekend I was able to catch a few bits on video.
Getting off the couch

Closing the dishwasher...yes, he had just taken a digger right before...hence the big bump on his head!
Closing the refrigerator door

This week he has moved on to clapping for anything WE do. If we close a door, put leftovers away, hang up our clothes, fold the laundry...we  get a very enthusiastic round of applause. I'll be honest...I will take any round of applause I can get...and it does make housework a lot more enjoyable!

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  1. Landry, GG wishes she were that flexible :o) You are such a sweetie-pie to be so proud of your Mommy & Daddy's accomplishments! XOXOXOX from Poppie & GG