Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Dogs!

Yesterday was the first home game for the Bulldogs football team this year. We  I LOVE Fresno State football games...and we I especially love a good tailgate! There is something about the energy, food, friends...preferably good weather like yesterday...that I fall in love with. This year we got season tickets...and I know that I am way more excited about them than Chad...I know, you're shocked...Chad isn't excited about's true! :o)

Last season we took Landry to his first Bulldog can read about it here. This year we I am hoping to be able to take him to all of the games. As always, Landry was such a tooper...and of course, the main attraction!

Chad and Landry...Landry has his "game face" on!

Let me help out with the game, guys!

Me and Handsome!

Of course the best part of tailgating is the food...someone thought he was in heaven!

Landry even got to meet a real bulldog...Bruce! Apparently Bruce is the grandson of the bulldog that was on the field for the games during the David Carr years. Always gotta love the fun facts you learn!

Giving Jake pounds...I think Landry thinks that Jake might have food in his hand! :o)

Us, Sheri, and Kelley. Normally I am the only girl at the tailgate/games so I was so excited when we pulled up and the girls were there, too!

Landry had the most fun when we threw him in the truck bed while we got everything cleaned up. He ran all over, stomping his feet...and of course, tried to throw everything out of the truck that we kept putting in!

Landry had the best ride to the game...daddy's shoulders!

Family picture in the game!
Landry and I spent most of the game going up and down the stairs and walking around...which was ok because it wasn't the greatest game ever. He made friends with everyone around us...and everyone fell in love with our little man. One gentleman LOVED that his name was Landry! "What a great name for a football fan...he's going to be on that field someday...and we will nickname him THE COACH!" he said. I thought it was too funny...a complete stranger already excited about my son's future!

Just for are some "then and now" pics to show how much Little Man has changed since last year:

tailgate last year:
 and this year

Family pic last year

and this year
Here's to a great season with lots of fun, food, friends...and hopefully WINS!!!!

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  1. We will see you at one of the next games! You guys looked great! Go dogs!