Monday, September 5, 2011

Budding Artist

Recently Landry has shown us that he definitely understands that pens are meant for writing and marking on things...just ask Chad about his "artistic expression" with black pen...all over one of our walls and doors! I decided that it was time to channel this creativity. :o)

Tomorrow is my Nana's birthday so...what better way to display one's talent then by making a birthday card? can you not love a card made especially for you by Handsome?

"'re not supposed to take pictures of me while I'm working!"

"Never mind...SMILE!"

Gotta get the perfect color

As you can see...coloring is very serious business!

So proud of his work!

The finished project...with a few touches from mom!

He even "signed" his own name...he held the crayon while I guided him. :o)

I think it is safe to say that he may have a bit of his mom's love for creating things! He "asked" to get up in his chair about three more time this afternoon so that he could color while I graded papers. I must admit...I was super proud...and excited that he shares my enthusiasm for coloring! I see lots of crayons, paint, coloring books, construction paper, and so much moe in our future. :o)

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