Sunday, August 28, 2011


First, I just have to say thank you for all of the sweet messages regarding my last post. I would also like to clarify...yes, I am mentally stable...and no, Alison did not pass away has been over 5 years. Thank you for all of your love!

Back to business...most little boys have a pet dog that is their buddy. Well, there are no dogs in our house...but we do have two cats...and a turtle.

Landry LOVES Speedy...our turtle.
Speedy was originally my class pet. I got him my second year of teaching and have had him ever since. He really is like the best pet easy to take care of, cheap, and fun to watch. Every summer I bring him home. Well, this summer...Landry fell in love with Speedy has a new home!

 Everyday we sit and watch him swim around in his tank, we feed him, and talk to him.

  Landry likes to "feed" him as well.

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  1. So cute! Love that Speedy has a new home this year.