Saturday, March 7, 2009

Add "a hint of whimsy" to your life!

So, as many of you know...I am a girl who loves to create things. I often find myself in a boutique or store, looking at something that is darling, and telling myself, "I could totally make that myself." So, after hearing..."You should totally start your own business," over and over again...I have decided to take the plunge. Yes, I know you probably can't believe it...either can I...but "a hint of whimsy" is here and with us. I am starting with custom made and embellished onesies, baby blankets, as well as name letters for children's bedrooms and nurseries. These onesies are the first items I have completed but there will be more coming! I do have an online store up and running...if you are interested, you can go to to check it out. I am very excited about this new venture and I know it is going to be great. So, if you are looking to add "a hint of whimsy" to your life, let me know!

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  1. Kristin, what a great new endeavor! Love the concept. I will pass your site along to all the grandmas in my "Lunch Bunch" - and they are legion. Much success and have fun. Love, Pam