Sunday, March 8, 2009

fresh from the "whimsy" factory

Well, if anyone has spoken to my husband in the past 24 hours he will tell you how OBSESSED I am with my latest venture. Yes, I have a notebook that is FULL of ideas, yes, I did stay up until about 1 in the morning last night because my brain was going a million miles an hour...and my husband was snoring rather loudly...and yes, I went to JoAnns nice and early this morning to get new fabrics plus tons of other goodies. So, here are my latest designs. I am calling them, "The Executive," and the "Trenzie"...the last one is a combo I made up for Trent and Kenzie...two new little ones that will be receiving their "hint of whimsy" in the near future! Pass them on if you would like...please know that any of the color combos can be changed and of course I am always up for suggestions. SMILES!

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