Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lost Posts of 2016: Halloween has been WAY too long since I last blogged!
I would like to blame the holidays, 
a crazy almost 2 year old who keeps me on my toes,
and the fact that we worked right up until Christmas Eve...
which meant I had to squeeze everything 
into every minute of each weekend.

So...why don't I just move on and forget about it?
Because I can't.
The "Type A" me has to share what I am calling,
"Lost Posts of 2016."
They are the things we did,
memories with friends or family,
that up until now...
only live in my phone and computer.
So, before I move on to all things
Christmas and New Years related...
here is Halloween. :)

This year our friends Brian and Kelly hosted
our annual Halloween Bash.
Since it was an adults only party
I didn't have to worry about making
all four of us coordinate.
I have always loved the colorful
sugar skulls that are associated with 
Dia de Los Muertos
and felt that this was the perfect blend for Chad and I.
Scary and gothic for him...
fancy, frilly, flowers, and detail oriented for me.

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all
of the couples...but here is who I got.

Dorothy and Dave..
who still has their PE clothes...and can still wear them?

Frank and Sheri...
characters from the movie 5th Element

in all of his glory

The girls...
notice sweet little, itty-bitty Eloise?

The guys...

I LOVED Jeff and Deborah's costumes.
They were Ice, Ice, Baby. :)

Fast forward to Halloween Night...

Landry had decided back in August that
he wanted to be Peter Pan...
after I refused to make him a giraffe costume. ;)
I've done an elephant and a zebra...
I had to draw the line at giraffe.
The minute he said Peter Pan
I was SOOOOO excited because I knew:
1. He would be the cutest Peter Pan.
2. Lexie would be the CUTEST Tinker Bell
3. These would be super easy costumes to make.

Aren't they the cutest?

Our little trick-or-treaters!

Lexie was ALL about it!
She would have gone to every house
in the neighborhood.

Landry on the other hand...
he was ready to stop after about 6 houses.
I would like to "thank" the lovely person down
the street who likes to scare the kids. :(

All in all...Halloween was a success!

Check back for more "Lost Posts of 2016."

For a look back at our past Halloween costumes,
click HERE!

***Oh...and can I just add that my last post,
about the school board election,
got just under 1700 views!!!! 
That is absolutely
crazy for this little blog of mine! 
As a comparison, my next highest viewed
post only received 260 views. Ha!
So, "thank you" to everyone who shared my post. :)

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