Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lost Posts of 2016: The Cat Haven

So...continuing on with my "Lost Posts of 2016" series...
on Black Friday...
instead of shopping,
we traveled to the foothills and
finally visited 
Project Survival's Cat Haven!

Chad and I have talked about going several times.
Most of the time it is in the middle of summer
or when we are headed to the snow in Sequoia.

If you haven't heard about it,
here is a link to their web-site:

It is a WONDERFUL organization
that cares for a wide range of
exotic/wild cats.

Here is Kong...he is BEAUTIFUL!

They also have two cheetahs...

They will come right up to the fence,
along with pretty much all of the other cats,
and drink milk from a bottle.

Next up are the lynx.

They also have several jaguars and leopards.

These two snow leopards,
Elsa and Ana,
couldn't get enough of the milk!

You can't forget the 
"King of the Jungle"...

The last cat on the tour is the stunning
white tiger.

Lexie and Chad...
in awe of the amazing cats!

Clearly Lexie wasn't feeling the photo op. :)

If you haven't been...PLEASE
take time to visit. You won't be disappointed.
It is a guided tour up and down some hills on a dirt/gravel path,
so make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.
The cats are beautiful and you can tell
from their interactions with the tour guide/owner
that they are well loved, cared for,
and they have quite a relationship.

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