Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cayucos 2015

This past weekend we packed up the car, 
loaded up the kids,
 and headed to one of my FAVORITE places...

On the Beach Bed and Breakfast in Cayucos!
We have stayed here several times...
and every time I talk about how much I love it.
Really...I do!
I discovered this little gem through a 
Living Social or Groupon deal...
and ever since our first stay...I have been hooked!

Here is the room we have stayed in the last two years...

It is HUGE, has a beautiful bed,
spa bathtub, over-sized comfy chair, and best of all...
this is the view from the patio!

These two made themselves at home right away!

The lighting in the room, with the all white bedding,
made for this amazing picture of Lexie.

Friday afternoon we just lounged in the room,
enjoyed the fresh air, headed to Duckie's for dinner,
and then took a walk along the beach.

Did I mention that the weather was BEAUTIFUL?
Each morning we woke up to clear, blue skies,
and a gentle breeze. It was so nice!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early...

well...Landry, Lexie, and I woke up bright and early. ;)

I know I have shared about their incredible breakfasts...
and they didn't disappoint!
Saturday morning it was a fried egg sandwich with linguica
and baked oatmeal.

All of the times we have stayed here...we have NEVER
had the same breakfast twice...and they have all been delicious.
After our breakfast of was time to head to the beach!
Another bonus...the beach is right across the street...woohoo!!!

Landry and I had fun building a sand castle.
Here is a funny conversation we had that morning...
Landry: "Do we HAVE to go to the beach today?"
Me...rather confused: "You don't want to go to the beach? 
You don't want to build sandcastles?"
Landry: "YES...I want to build sandcastles."
Me: "Ok...that's what I thought."
Landry...very serious: "Well, you're not very good at building sandcastles.
Auntie KK is the one that is REALLY good at building sandcastles."

Yup...isn't he the sweetest? ;)

Here is our castle...and if I do say so myself...
the sub par castle builder that I am...
it turned out pretty good!

Lexie slept while...

Landry had fun playing in the sand,

and finding all kinds of "treasures," 

We relaxed, enjoyed the sun,
watched some kite surfers...

and this is the closest Landry would get to the water.
More on that later. :)

Lexie slept most of the time...or tried to find something to chew on.

For lunch we grabbed a variety of tacos from Ruddell's Smokehouse.
Another must if you are in Cayucos!

It is a tiny, little shack of a place...
but they make the best smoked fish tacos.
Here is the shrimp taco...

We also enjoyed the albacore, ahi, and salmon tacos.

After a fun day at the beach we went back to the room
to clean up, rest a bit, enjoy the complimentary wine/beer and appetizers,
 and then grabbed dinner and dessert at the Sea Shanty.
Vacation is meant to throw normal rules out the window...right?
So...why not order dessert to-go...
and then eat it in bed!

Yup...the name was fitting..."The Kitchen Sink!"
Nothing like a to-go box FILLED with
ice cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallows,
Heath bar, caramel sauce, bananas, strawberries, 
and I don't even know what else.

Sunday morning I woke up and enjoyed some 
snuggles with this little girl.

For breakfast they served "Breakfast Bowls" that were made with 
a variety of ground sausages, cheeses, bacon, potatoes, rosemary,
and topped with a fried egg and parsley.
The other choice was a decadent french toast
with triple berry syrup!

After we sadly checked-out, it was time for one more 
quick trip to the beach.
I had forgotten to dip Lexie's toes in the water...
and you can't have your first trip to the beach
without getting your toes wet.

Landry protested the entire time!
He refuses to get anywhere even close to the wet sand...
much less in the water.
I was going for my "Mom of the Year" award 
and told him to suck it up and come with us.
As Chad and I were headed down to the water 
I realized Landry wasn't with us.
I turned around and saw this.

He was WAY back by the bathrooms...frozen. any good mom would...
I left him there and we continued on. :)

Cute little piggies in the water!
She made a little bit of a whimper when the cold water hit her feet...

but overall...didn't seem to phase her one bit!

Our attempt at a selfie...
just the three of us...

that speck in the middle...
that would be Landry!

Sadly it was time to leave and say good-bye to
On the Beach Bed and Breakfast!

This next picture cracks me up!
While I was getting the picture of Lexie and Landry,
an elderly couple walked by and the lady said,
"You should get a picture of all four of you."
So, I kindly asked if she would mind taking the picture.
She immediately passed the buck to her husband. :)
Here was the shot he got...

Then he said, "Well...I'm not sure if you were ready for that one,
let me get one more."
Here is the second shot.

Before we left town I had to stop by the
Brown Butter Cookie Company...
another must in Cayucos...
and get some sea salt sugar cookies!

We jumped in the car and headed up to San Simeon
to see the elephant seals.
Believe it or not, there are two seals in the water...
clearly not the best picture. :/

But what about this one...

I mean...really?

He's pretty cute, too!

Before heading home we drove down to Morro Bay
and went to the creepy...a.k.a. Morro Bay Aquarium.

Nothing like getting to feed some sea lions...
for the whopping price of 50 cents!

Landry loved the octopus...

and sharks.

If you're at the creepy might as well
take a creepy looking selfie...right?

Lexie was pretty mesmerized as well.

After a yummy lunch on the water, it was time to load up and head home.

Kind of random...but I do have to brag about my AMAZING
packing skills. read that right...AMAZING!
I don't want to brag...but I am...about my ability
to fit a TON of stuff in the trunk of a Corolla.

Inside there is...
a pack-n-play
sleeping bag
two beach chairs
frog chair
sand buckets and shovels
beach tent
two suitcases
two duffle bags
baby carrier
and a stroller.

Who says you need a gas-guzzling SUV? :)

So, there you have it...another great weekend in Cayucos.
Hopefully we will get to sneak away again soon.

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