Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lexie Ann...5 months old

How can it be that Lexie is already 5 months old?

This past month was filled with lots of fun in the sun.
The month started with 4th of July!

Lexie was more interested in her toes than she was the fireworks. :)

She went to the circus for the first time.
When she wasn't asleep...

She was intently watching the performances.

One of my favorite things about her is her big, BLUE eyes!
She gets them from her G.G. and I so hope they stay blue.

As you can see...she still loves her thumb.
Whether she is napping on Daddy,

enjoying a walk...

or just "cheesing" it up for the camera...

most of the time you will find her sucking on that thumb!

She will fight her naps like crazy.
I am told she gets that from me. ;)
But every once in awhile...

she loses the battle!

She also got to go on her first trip to the beach this month!
Can you say future heart breaker?

Good thing Daddy and Poppie have lots of guns for the future. ;)

She spent most of her time at the beach doing her favorites...

sucking on her thumb and sleeping!

One thing that definitely "livened" up our household this month
was Lexie...finding her voice I guess you could say.
The month started with her blowing sweet bubbles.

And by the end of the month...she had worked her way up to this...

I don't think I have to worry about any kind of speech delays with this sweet girl. She is always trying to tell us what she thinks.

Here come the obligatory LionBear pics. :)

At Lexie's check up this month...these were her stats...
weight: 13 pounds, 5 oz
height: 24 inches

She is just a little bit bigger than Landry was at this age.
Just for is Landry at 5 months:

How is it possible that this little peanut is starting kindergarten on Monday?

Of course...her biggest fan, bodyguard, paparazzi, and of course...
brother extraordinaire had to get in a picture with her!

Lexie have certainly added a lot of spunk to our daily life.
You know what you want...
and you aren't afraid to let us know.
You love watching everything around you...
and often get upset if you think you are missing something.
You make us all smile and laugh with your
infectious smile, cheesy scrunched up face, and love for life.
We love you more than you could ever know!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Kristin! They are both soooooo adorable!!!! You guys sure make cute kids! Love Landry's Kinder photos, too!