Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Apricot Fun!

This morning my mom, Landry, and I got in the car and headed out to Easton, to the Two Sisters U-Pick Apricot Orchard. I read about them last summer and thought that it sounded like fun...but the timing...and heat...never worked out. Thankfully a friend of mine shared pictures of her and her daughters out there a week ago or so and it reminded me. I'm so glad we decided to go today...because they are just about out of apricots.

Landry was so excited when I told him we were going to get to pick our very own apricots...and he was over the moon when he learned that Nawnie was coming with us!

So, we headed out to Easton, to the cutest little apricot orchard, and had some fun! When you get there they give you a little overview...and some tips for picking. They give the grownups large picking bins...but for their "little farmers" they have little bags. Landry loved carrying his own bag and finding his own fruit.

He and Nawnie had a blast collecting fruit. Since it has been so warm the apricots were very ripe. As you walked through the orchard you could hear some that would drop from the tree...all on their own.

Of course you have to do a little taste test now and then. :) The girl who was working this morning told us that the orchard is completely organic and she encouraged us to eat some as we picked. You can see that Landry followed her directions...without arguing.

You pay for your apricots by the bag full. We paid for half a bag...but quickly realized that it would be WAY more apricots than we could ever eat. Here's my "little farmer" showing off his produce. Not the best picture...we can't always be perfectly photogenic. :)

Here is just SOME of the beautiful fruit we brought home with us!

Luckily we headed out early to beat the heat...and it worked! One of my goals for the summer is for us to explore a little bit of what our valley has to offer. There are so many fun things to do in our area...that offer a little bit of an educational experience...and don't cost a lot of money. :)
 Here's to a summer filled with valley adventures. 
Now the question is...what does a person do with a billion apricots?

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  1. OMG that really is a lot of apricots! Hope you like apricot jam or something ha ha. Looks like so much fun though!