Saturday, June 14, 2014

Derby Fun!

A few months ago my good friend Sheri, an event planner, came to me wanting some help with a bridal shower she was planning. She knows that I like to make all of my own party decor and she wanted my help with her event. I was beyond honored to help her...and totally flattered that she thought of me!

We got together and she shared the vision of the hostess. 
They were doing a Kentucky Derby theme...which I LOVED...I would love to throw a Derby party one year...nothing says fun like big ol' Derby hats. :) 
Back to the point...they wanted to use yellow and green as the colors...along with black and white damask.

Here are the invitations, response cards, and thank you notes I created.

Sheri had warned me that it was a big job...and she wasn't lying! She wanted me to create the invitations, response cards, thank you notes, food labels, sandwich picks, candy jar labels, candy favor box labels, banners, centerpiece labels, glass labels, favor cards, and chair medallions. 
I'm not going to lie...I was super nervous about whether or not I could pull it all off.

Here are pictures she took the morning of the event...

The centerpiece labels...

Food table with tent cards and sandwich picks...

The table also had a banner that read, "Feed Your Appetite."

The beverage station..."Tame Your Thirst"

Mint juleps, mimosas, and sweet tea were a must!

Mint julep glass labels

"Derby Desserts"...with mint julep cupcakes, mini pecan pies, candy, and the most darling cake!

These are the chair medallions I made for each of the guests chairs...there were 70 of them!

Here are some pictures of the guest tables and the entire area.

Everything turned out perfect!

I had so much fun creating all of the fun details for this event. 
I'm not going to lie...I am pretty proud of myself and taught myself so much about creating different graphics on the computer! :)

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  1. Kristin, you are absolutely AWESOME! I am so blessed to have you as my DIL ;o) Perfecto!!!