Saturday, May 24, 2014

Slice of Birthday Fun!

Two weeks ago we celebrated Landry's 4th birthday...
pizza parlor style!
You might remember back on Valentine's Day, Landry got to make his own pizza...and loved it. I thought it would be such a cute party idea...little chef hats, monogrammed aprons, pizza, mustaches...
what's not to love? 
Then it dawned on me...
how am I going to cook all of those pizzas at home?
So, after a little research I found out that Me-N-Eds has what is called a "school tour"...the kids get to make their own pizza and get a tour of the kitchen. 
The best was only $4 a kid!

Here is the invitation...I designed and made all on my own...yes, I am very proud of it! :)

I was a little nervous about having the party so early in the day...for pizza...but it is the only time you can do the package. It ended up being PERFECT because the restaurant isn't open we ended up having the entire place to ourselves...SCORE!!!

Here was the table with cupcakes, goodies, and gifts.

I ordered the cupcakes from Vons...and made my own toppers for a fun touch.

Chef hats for all of the little cooks. Mustaches for the boys...rhinestone flowers for the girls!

Once everyone got there...and into their chef was time to make some pizza!

As you can see...Landry wasn't so sure if it was really ok to grab his own toppings. :)

Once the kids were done with their pizzas...and we were waiting for them to cook...
I had a game of "Pin the Mustache on the Chef" ready to go.
I made the poster of the chef...and cut mustaches using my Silhouette.

Here are the kiddos...all lined up and ready to go!
I love the look on Landry's face in this picture...

he is sooooo excited to play!

First up was Amy...she is an expert!

Next up, Landry...

Not too bad!

Here goes Luke!

After it all...Luke was the winner!!!!!

The timing happened to work our really well because when the game was over...our pizzas were ready!
After the kids finished was time for the tour.
All lined up...and the teacher in me had to remind them of two rules: 1. Good listening 2. Hands to ourselves.

Pizza Man Kenny talking to the kids.

There's the big mixer...

the trash can of dough...yup, that's where they keep it,

the machine that makes the dough flat,

and the big hit...a refrigerator you can walk in!

Look at those big ovens!

Hands up so you can feel the warm air!

After the tour it was time for...CUPCAKES!!!!
Landry always gets really shy when it is time to sing to him. :)

Blowing out the candles!

It isn't a party without some presents!

Amy was all about helping Landry open his gifts. She was an AWESOME helper...and super speedy. :)

Are these two cute or what?

It was a great morning celebrating our favorite 4 year old!

Huge thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us! We are so thankful to have all of you in our lives and blown away by how much you love our little man...almost as much as we do. ;)

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Me-N-Eds!!!! They were AMAZING to work with. Where else can you throw a birthday party for only $4 a kid. Seriously...the best. Pizza. Drinks. Tour. FUN. All for $4. Oh...and you have the place to yourself!

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