Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscar Goes to...

Landry! Yup...he could have definitely won an Oscar tonight for best actor. Tonight was...well...let's just say a bit of a rough night. Yes, Chad and I looked at each other during dinner tonight and contemplated placing our child up for auction on Ebay...we are pretty confident we could make some good money. :o) One of tonight's "highlights" was when he decided to throw most of his dinner on the floor. Cue...more tears! I say more because he had already been crying about pretty much anything...for no apparent reason! are about to witness child labor at it's finest!

 Maybe he will think twice before he decides to throw his dinner all over the floor next time!

 Somebody doesn't look so happy about having clean up duty!

Oh Landry do challenge us sometimes! All things aside...we would never trade you for all the money in the world. We love you, Handsome!

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