Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yup, I said it, "Happy Birthday to ME!!!!" I will also add that I love my birthday...really I love birthdays in general...but honestly...I REALLY love my own birthday. This year I turned the big 3-1...not nearly as exciting as 30...but still monumental...I am now officially over 30. :o)

Since my birthday is sandwiched between Lincoln's birthday and Valentine's Day...every few years I am lucky enough to have my birthday fall on the Monday holiday...and this was one of those years.

I started my day at one of my favorite places...thanks Starbucks for the birthday gift!
 Then I went to work in my classroom...yes, you read that right...I went to work in my classroom...on my day off...on my birthday. Don't you know...I'm a teacher. We only work 9 months out of the year...and only from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. :o) After that, Handsome and I went to one of my other favorite places...TARGET! I know, super exciting...aren't you jealous? Well, now that I have you green with's what I made myself for my birthday lunch:
 Nothing beats a bowl of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese on a cold, rainy day. But wait... did you notice that there were two bowls? Yup...two with a little, blue, plastic spoon. Yup. That would be for my super cute lunch date:
 Cutest. Lunch date. EVER!!!!

After lunch Handsome and I had a little "photo shoot"...more on that tomorrow...but here's a picture that he insisted we take.

"Mommy. Gasses (glasses...not gas...he can't say his l's). CHEESE!"
 Then my super sweet and amazing friend, Erin, surprised me with a big bouquet of balloons! She always knows how to make me feel loved! :o)
 After that we all went our for an "All You Can Eat" sushi dinner...I think Chad took the sign a little too literally. We ate SIX rolls of sushi between the two of us...yup...SIX! Handsome enjoyed some toddler sushi...a.k.a. goldfish crackers, cheese, rice, and some chicken nuggets.

Here is a picture of me with my two them to pieces...and I don't know what I would do without them!!!! Thanks for making me feel special and loved, everyone!!!!!!
Did you notice that Landry has some new shades? Oh how I love that kid!!!!!! Yes, it was his idea to wear the "gasses" all on his own.

Oh, and Babe...only 12 more months till my birthday. :o)

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was fabulous :)