Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pantry Redo

So, if you know me at all...you know that I LOVE to organize! When I say love, I mean like madly, deeply, passionately, LOVE to organize. It brings peace to me and there is nothing better than seeing color coordinating bins, labeled, resting nicely on a shelf.

Since my new addiction started...a.k.a. Pinterest...I have been wanting to organize everything in my house. What better time to start than during vacation? Just to let you know how crazy I am...a majority of my vacation "to-do" list is organizing different parts of the house. I am two days in...two projects down! :o)

Here is what my pantry looked like before:

Notice the oatmeal boxes on the floor...I had an "assistant" who wanted to help. :o)

Now, even though I love to organize, I hate to spend a lot of money on bins. I am often torn because the OCD in me so desperately wants everything to match...so many times I end up spending more than I want on matching bins. Well, move aside matching bins...I have a new trick up my sleeve! :o)

Here is what I used:

Yup...banker's boxes! I bought a pack of ten for about $13. Then I decided to paint them black so that they all matched and coordinated with my kitchen...with is red, black, and white. I just poured the craft paint...which I already had...onto a paper plate and used a paint roller to paint the four sides of the boxes. This was so quick and easy...seriously, I had six boxes painted AND dry within 30 minutes!!!!

Then I cut vinyl labels with my Silhouette craft cutter. Two boxes fit on each shelf...but it left a gap in the middle. So, I went and grabbed some empty baby wipe boxes that I was saving for a different project. They were a perfect fit! I decided to cover them with a damask print fabric that I had, added a black vinyl label, and voila!
 I am sooooooooo excited with the way it turned out...and so is my "assistant!"

When I went to take the picture my "assistant" came running over, put his hands on his hips, and then said, "cheese!"

Here is another shot...without the cutie!

Oh...and did I mention that my only expense was the set of boxes? Yup, a whole woppin' $13 people! Everything else I already had on hand!!!!


  1. There is a whole lot of jealousy resonating from my side of the computer to yours... Im not only jealous of the SIZE of your pantry (that a bankers box would fit, let alone MULTIPLE) but incredibly jealous of how AMAZING it looks now. Oh and Im jealous that your brain works this way and mine doesnt, pinterest or no pinterest. Yes, there you go, a big ol dose of jealousy from me to you, Merry Christmas ;-)

  2. i second erin's comment. jealous of pantry, silhouette, and adorable pantry. most of my things are in my garage now... and not cute.

    so fun. hooray for your cuteness and organization!