Saturday, December 31, 2011

Living in the Moment

So, I have to start by confessing...I didn't really get ANY pictures of our Christmas Eve...or Christmas Day! I know, last year I had a billion and one pictures...this year...about 5...maybe! Here is the reason why, instead of being so focused on making sure that I got perfect pictures of everything, made sure that Landry was posed just right, documenting every mintue, thinking about the blog post every step of the way...I threw that all out the window and just enjoyed the moment. Yup, instead of worrying about what was going to happen or what I was going to do with the pictures, I decided to soak in the amazing love and happiness that I was surrounded by. I lived in the moment. And I LOVED it! So, I apologize for the lack of photos...but oh well! :o)

Christmas Eve was spent at Chad's aunt and uncle's house. Gary and Mary are always such gracious hosts. Mary is an amazing cook and always has tons of yummy food and Gary LOVES our little man. Everytime we go over Gary has some kind of toy for Landry...and Landry ends up falling in love with them each time. We enjoyed the evening with the Lofgrens, Tighs, and was so much fun!

Christmas morning we woke up and I was so excited for Landry to open up his first stocking. Have I menioned that my child is an EXCELLENT sleeper? I mean, he really is amazing...I know we won't be that lucky when baby #2 comes along...which isn't going to be any time soon...back to the point. Landry slept in until about 9:30! I was dying. I almost went in and woke him up. Let me also say that Chad...well really just me because Chad had nothing to do with the stocking...or Landry's gifts at all...that I win the award for giving my child the most boring stocking in the history of the world! Yup, boring. Why? Because let's be real...he is not going to remember this stocking at I didn't really think he would understand the whole idea of Santa bringing him gifts...but I was wrong! When he finally woke up, he walked into the living room and immediately went for his stocking. I didn't direct him, I have never even told him that it was his, nothing! He noticed that it was sitting in front of the fireplace instwad of hanging up, and he dug in. Inside he found a coupls of packs of fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, animal crackers, a new toothbrush, and two new sippy cups. He immediately fell in love with the toothbrush...and insisted on digging into the fruit snacks. He ate all four packs!!! I really think that h understood that Santa brought him his stocking goodies because everytime he eats his fruit snacks now, he goes and points to his picture with Santa. Oh, I can't wait for next year! :o)

Christmas Day we spent at my parent's house with my family and Chad's parents. We talked, ate, talked, ate some more, and eventually got to opening presents. I think that Landry has gotten way too used to having me around all day long because he was very clingy all day long...which also was a reason why there were very little pictures taken. :o)

Landry was really into the gift opening this year. It was so much fun to see him get excited about the bags, paper, and tissue...which were of course his favorite parts! Every time he opened something up he would say, "OOOOHHH!" Too funny! He even liked to watch me open my gifts...and then he would grab them and run away.

Here he has stolen my highly coveted caramel corn that my Aunt Judy makes. He knows already that you have to grab your bag and hide it...if not...someone else will eat it! :o)
Popcorn is very serious business as you can see!

Landry also loves the way things feels against his skin. Here he is with a pair of new pajamas from Nawnie and Papa...and of course he is saying, "Cheese!"

G.G. and Poppie got him an adorable hat that will be perfect for his first trip to the snow...which will hopefully be this year! :o)
 No, I couldn't get him to turn around and face me...little stinker!

You all know his love of Nawnie and Papa got him a new pair! You also know that he has his "own" way of wearing them. Here he is...glasses, smirk, and all!
 This is the only shot I got of the three of us. As you can see...not the best shot...and someone is so not happy to be taking a picture. Oh well!
 After a fun filled day and night, everyone kind of hung low the next day. Chad's parents were going back to Redding on Tuesday, so we had them over to our house on Monday night. Here are two cute pictures I got of Landry and Todd...a.k.a. Poppie (Chad's dad) playing with the kitchen sink faucet!

Oh how his smile melts my heart!
Again, I apologize for the lack of pictures...but I enjoyed my time with my family and lived in the moment!

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