Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

   Well, since I don't really know how to write yet, I am asking Mom to write my letter for me this year...hope you understand. :o) I wanted to start by saying that I really did enjoy meeting you the other day...even if the picture shows something a bit different.
   I can explain. I was excited to see you...I'm sure you heard me saying "Santa, Santa," when we walked into Pamela's studio. But then, Mom just kind of plopped me on your lap and I was afraid you were going to take me with you to the North Pole. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the North Pole is an amazing place...but I REALLY love my mommy and daddy...and I'm not quite ready to leave them yet. So, I just wanted to say sorry for crying during our picture. Just ask Mommy...everytime I see you or even your hat I call out your name with a big smile. Mommy keeps telling me that you're going to come by our house tonight and leave me some presents in something called a stocking. I have no idea what she is talking about but I am excited about I think it makes her feel better if I respond to things with, "Ohhh." She always smiles and starts laughing when I do I do it a lot. :o)

   Mommy told me, that since I am almost 20 months old...which apparently is "unbelievable" to her...that I should tell you some of the things I like to do now. I mean, I am almost two you know!

   My new favorite thing to do is talk and repeat whatever anyone says. I think that Mommy was worried for awhile because I waited a long time to start talking. You want to know how I know that...well, she talked to every speech therapist she knows...and she knows quite a few...and guess what they all told her? They said that I was going to be okay...but I don't think she really believed them. I have to was kind of fun not saying anything. She would try so hard to get me to say words...but I wouldn't give in. Nope, I would just give her some funny looks...she always knew what I was thinking with my looks...I think everyone knows...I get that "talent" from my mommy!

   Now...I love to talk. Here are all of the words I know and use a lot: momma, daddy, nana, papa, g.g., ka-ka (Auntie Kaitlin,) kitty, dog, fishie, bird, moon, cow, eyes, ears, feet, butt, brain, mouth, chin, cheeks, gunk, truck, mess, ew, hat, glasses, waffle, pancake, water, bottle, up, please, thank you, car, go, ball, book, juice, bathroom, vacuum, bye-bye, hi, cheese, fruit, snacks, pretzels, banana, jacket, shoes, diaper, gorilla, brush, lights, bear, bed, ny-ny (night-night,) candy, popcorn, hot, ca-ca (coffee,) and I think that's it! Oh ya...I also know Santa and tree.

   Now, for the things that I love to do. Well...there is a big clue in my picture...yup, I LOVE to do hair!!!!! Every morning I watch Mommy do her hair and I love to try and help. I have my own hair dryer that I carry around with me. Whenever I can, I ask Mommy to sit on the floor, I grab her brushes, my dryer, maybe even a few curling irons, and I go to work. I love to flip her hair around, dry it for her, "curl" it, and everything.

   When I am not doing Mommy's hair, I love to throw balls and water bottles at Daddy. He keeps trying to show me how to catch them but I'm not really interested in that. I also love to ride around in my wagon. Here is a picture of my friend Amy and I taking turns in my wagon.
   I love to chase the cats around the house, vacuum with my toy vacuum...don't even get me started on the real thing. I love to play outside, wear my sunlasses...or anyone's really, eat any kind of food, make a mess, bang on things, try to fix things like Daddy does, color, dance, read my books, snuggle, love, help clean up, throw things in the trash, dust, sort laundry, and pretty much anything. Mommy and Daddy say that I am a really good helper now.

   Oh, and I also love to take pictures! I like to strike a pose and say, "cheese!" I told mom not to even worry about this next picture because my eyes were closed...but she insisted...and you know there's no use arguing with that. I like to grab the roll of component video cable, put it on my arm...kind of like Mommy does with her purse...then I run around waving and saying, "bye-bye." Mommy tried to get a picture of I stopped and said, "CHEESE!"

   Well, I think that's about it for now. Oh, here are two more pictures for you to see how much I have grown from last year. Mommy says that it is just crazy. I think she is the one that's crazy....crazy about me of course!

                                                       Lots of Love,
                                                                   Landry Tigh Lofgren

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2011

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