Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful: Day 1: Family!

So, a lot of people have been doing a daily "thankful" post...either on their blog or on Facebook...since the month of November started. I have loved reading everyone's posts and really wanted to join in the fun. Since I am just a little bit Type A...ha...I knew that it would drive me absolutely, totally, completely, unbearably insane if I missed a day. Of course, things always seem to be a bit hectic so I knew that I would miss a day...or I would be up until midnight doing my thankful post...and honestly...I have just needed some time to...breathe!

So, instead of doing the entire month...I decided to do the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I know, if I was going to do a week, I should have started last Thursday...oh steps steps! :o) Here we go...a week, well I guess four days...of thankfulness!

Some families are small.
Some families are huge.
Some are all boys.
Some all girls.
Some are nice mix of both.

Mine...well, mine is just the way I like it.
My little family of three!
This little family of three is what keeps me going each day...
and is often what makes me want to go to bed each night!
Sure, we started out as a family of just two.
Then we decided to add this young man to the group!
Oh this little man.
This little man that is so full of life, fun, love, laughter, curiosity, adventure, hugs, destructon, cries, drool, giggles, energy, determination, and joy!
This little man that will drag out every curling iron so that he can "curl" my hair.
Who pinches his nose and says "P.U." when you take off his shoes.
This little man that will try with all of his might to climb anything he is near.
Who is sure to bring you a goldfish cracker and put it in your mouth for you.
He is a lover of all foods...well...all accept tomatoes.
He will jump in his bed and call to the cats with his sweet little "meow."
He loves to run down the hallway and show you where his diapers are, where he goes "ny-ny," and even where he has hid his shoes.
This little man has taken over a cabinet in the bathroom and turned it into his own safe deposit box...filled with the remote for the t.v., one shoe, my hair brush, ribbon from my craft room, his light up 4th of July toy, a diaper...and who knows what else.
This little man that will come running, full speed, and tackle you with a hug.
He will pull out a blankie, bring it to you, crawl up in your lap and cuddle with you forever.
Oh this little man.

Then of course there is this big man.

This big man that has been my partner in life for almost 10 years now.
The man that loves heavy metal, any kind of sport...except baseball and auto racing... any form of competition, and anything that can get his adrenaline flowing.
The man who will research almost any purchase he makes.
Who thinks things through. A lot.
The man that is pretty quiet in most social situations.
Who does not like to be the center of attention.

The man that can drive me completely crazy sometimes because we do not think a like.
He refuses to show his excitement for anything but...
man is he an amazing husband!
He is strong when I need him to be.
Funny when  I need a laugh.
Stern when I need a bit of a reality check. :o)
Sweet and sentimental when I least expect it.

Oh...and he is the most amazing dad in the world.
His son means the world to him.
And that means the world to me!

So today, on my first day of thanks, I am thankful for my amazing family of three!

*Family photos by Whitney Frank at!
*Wedding photo by Pamela Leeds Photography.

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