Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful: Day 2: My Job

See, it is only the second day and I am already behind! Now you know why I couldn't handle an entire month of this. :o)

Mrs. Lofgren
If you ask one of the 25 children that I get to spend each day with, they will tell you that is my "fake" name. I say that because each year...and this is my 8th...how did that happen...anyway...each year one of my students politely asks, "Mrs. Lofgren, what is your 'real' name?"

I always respond, "What do you mean? Mrs. Lofgren is my real name!"

"No," says the student. "You know, like my name is Zach, what is your name?"

Every year I get a little laugh out of it.
Why? Oh so many reasons.
Mainly because I think it is so funny that they think I have some sort of super secret identity...like Clark Kent or something.

Yes, I am so thankful for my job.
The place where I can "transform" into Mrs. Lofgren.
The place where I am sure that I spend more waking hours than at my own home.
The place that I get to completely redecorate each year.

But my job is so much more than a place.
So much more than a job.

Each day I get to go somewhere where I am surrounded by people who have the same passion as me.
My job has provided me with so many friendships that I would have totally missed out on.
People who have become my nearest and dearest friends.

Not only do I get to have amazing people as coworkers...

I get to experience a year...or maybe more :o)...of life with families.

Families that become part of my family.

Families that trust me to inspire their children to learn more,
remind them to wash their hands before lunch,
teach them how to read everything in sight,
how to make art out of  everyday objects,
to love them when they are hurt,
to hold them accountable when they make a mistake,
to cheer them on when they finally pass their math facts,
and most of all...
to care for them as if they are my own.

When I say life.
I mean life.

Birthday parties.
Dance recitals.
Church plays.
Hockey games.
Baseball games.
And even...a baby shower!

Sure there are days when I would rather stay snuggled up in my bed.
Yes, there have been times when a parent has made assertions about my teaching abilities having never stepped foot in my classroom before.
They have said things that have broken me inside in ways that they will never know.

They have shown the other side of "Character Counts!"

Yes, I know...I could have gotten a degree in some other field.
Made more money...because after all..."those who can't, teach!"

But then I wouldn't have the chance to work the McDonald's drive thru to help earn money for our school.
 I wouldn't be able to dress up like my own fictitious super hero and race a scooter in front of nearly 800 people to celebrate how well our students did at the Jog-A-Thon.
I would never be a cover model for InStyle magazine.
 And more importantly I would never get to share moments like this...
with the students who have touched my life in ways that they will never understand.

So, while I may take papers home on weekly basis, do some grading while I am watching The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills, spend a Saturday here or there hoping that my cheerleaders perform their hearts out, collect other people's garbage for a future art project, get giddy inside at the thought of fresh new crayons, spend most of my vacation time thinking of ways to make my classroom more like a home, and spend more money than I even want to know on sanitizing wipes so that all of my darlings stay healthy...I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world.

I mean...I do only work 8-3, and get three months off in the summer you know! :o)

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  1. Mrs. Lofgren -- this touched my heart in a way you WILL understand. You are truly an awesome teacher, wife, Mom, daughter-in-law and just an all-around fabulous human being! Love & Gratitude, GG