Thursday, March 31, 2011

In or Out

Well, we are officially a "child-proofed" house. Just try and open a cupboard in a will be met with the quick snapping and breaking of your fingernails as the cabinet locks do their job. Pleasant. I know. Oh, and don't forget the mandatory baby gate. I used to say that I would NEVER have a baby gate in our house.

Take an Amazon loving hubby, Amazon gift cards, and one little munchkin that likes to go everywhere, put it all together and before you know have a baby gate, in a box, on your front porch. Now it is time for me to admit...I do like the baby gate. Just a little bit. Okay. A lotta bit! Here is the little munchkin at his gate:
 Who says baby gates are so bad?
 Are you going to let me in?
 Please...I'll even flash you a dimple!
 A view from the other side...
So, it begs the question...are you locked in...or out?

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