Monday, March 21, 2011

A Habit

My friend, Erin and I were able to get together tonight with out little ones. We are trying to make it a habit of getting together every week or so. What a better place to start this tradition off but...The Habit in Fig Garden. If you remember a few moths ago, I posted about our Starbucks dates...along with a really cute picture of Landry and her daughter, Amy. We sat outside, on the covered, heated patio, ate, visited and listened to the rain come pouring down. Landry was very interested in Amy from the get go. He kept trying to reach over to her at first. Finally, we sat them up for another "couple shoot." So much fun!

Hey there, cutie!

Smile...we LOVE having our picture taken!

Are we cute or what?
I "stole" this last photo from Erin's Facebook page! :o)

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  1. We love our dates! Amy thinks Landry is so much fun! She told me on our drive home :-) Love you guys!