Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bump It...chapter 3

Well, look who's back on a roll! Yup, I am giving myself a bit of a pat on the back for getting back to my old, productive, self. Ahhh does it feel good!!!! Things are still going very smoothly here at the Lofgren household. I have shared with so many people that I feel so blessed to have had such a smooth and easy pregnancy. I know there are still three months to go, and I hate to jinx myself but so far, so good.

Here is the most recent "bump" picture. I am 28 weeks in this picture and as you can see...getting larger and larger!

So, I don't have a list of new "ahas" this month...but I think you will enjoy what I do have for you! Being a first grade teacher, I am blessed to spend my days surrounded by young minds that are always full of funny little tid-bits. One of the things that I love most about my job is being able to experience life through the eyes of a six or seven year old. It really is amazing to see how they view the world and to be reminded of all the simple joys in life that we so often take for granted. So, in honor of my first are some quotes they have shared with me during my pregnancy...enjoy!

1. When I showed my class the first ultrasound we had done one little girl said, "Oh, Mrs. Lofgren...that baby is so a little kitten...hopefully its not covered in fur though!"

2. One day after returning from lunch with a bottle of sparkling juice, "Mrs. Lofgren, are you drinking wine?" I of course responded, "No, actually this is a kind of juice...almost like an orange soda." The child then responded, "You do know that pregnant women are not allowed to drink caffeinated beverages...right?"

3. Once my belly started to show, I heard one child say to another one in my class, "I don't think Mrs. Lofgren can eat very many cookies now. Look at her stomach, there isn't enough room in there for them."

4. While celebrating my birthday in class one child shared, "Mrs. Lofgren...wouldn't it be so cool if your baby hatched today!?!"

And here is my favorite...

5. As he walked out of the classroom to go home, a little boy looked at my belly with big, wide, eyes and said, "Wow, Mrs. Lofgren...your stomach is getting HUGE!!!"


  1. Out of the mouth of babes, right?

    My five year old son told me right after I had my fourth, "So, Mom...when is our next baby coming? Because your belly is still really big."

    Um, thanks son.

    You look so cute!!!

  2. Those are so'll have to tell me sometime which kid said what? I can guess on a couple! haha ;-)