Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bump It...chapter 2

I know that I am a bit late on this post but one of my new mottos is "better late than never"...right? As you can tell, my goal of posting a "bump" update once a Align Leftmonth lasted...hmmm...the first month. So here I am with a belated bump update.

At this point I am about 27 weeks along and things are going smoothly. If you remember me writing about my love-hate relationship with my sciatic will be happy to know that is now strictly a love relationship. I have been going to a chiropractor and let me tell you...Dr. are a savior! I can actually walk, sit, roll-over, etc. without having the feeling that someone is stabbing me...ow how wonderful that is. So here is a list of my "Top 5 Aha's" for this the way, since I am late in posting this, the below picture was taken at week 25! Kristin's Top 5 Aha's
  1. Baked Goods Are Amazing! Let me jst say that there isn't a baked good that is safe in a room with me. Whether it be cookies, cake, cupcakes, rice krispy treats, donuts, muffins, etc...if it is a sweet, yummy little treat...back is mine! I know that I will probably be paying for it later but, Dr. Mason keeps telling me I am doing great in regards to weight until your back baked goods!
  2. Houston...We Have Our Hands Full! So, when Landry is born...if he is ANYTHING like he is in the womb...Chad and I could be in trouble. Like any other expecting mom, I could not WAIT to feel the first kick. Well, let me tell you...once he started...he never stopped! He loves to kick and punch and play around in there with all his might. I find myself sitting on the couch, staring at my belly, in awe of the fact that I can see feet and hands moving around on both sides of my the same time. Chad likes to say that he is practicing his basketball moves, my dad thinks he is practicing his quarterback skills and my mom is convinced he is warming up his left-handed pitching arm. All I know is that he has energy...and a lot of it!
  3. If I Only Had A Brain! I had always heard friends talk about "pregnancy brain" but to be honest, I never really believed it. Well, now I am a true believer. There are so many times when I feel like I have completely lost it. I find myself forgetting things instantly, misplacing things, losing my words in mid-conversation and half-way completing a billion projects. I always been a fan of the "To-do list"...there is no greater feeling than being able to cross off the things you've accomplished. But now...I am dependent on the list...if I lose the list, I'm a gonner!
  4. Patience...What Patience? enough said on that one!
  5. Not Much of an Aha: As I have shared before...I am blessed with one amazing husband! When we first started dating I nicknamed Chad, "The Master of No Emotion." This being because he really doesn't show much emotion at times. He can tell you he is "really excited" about something, but his expression is the same as me saying that I have to go grocery shopping. One of the best things about him is that he has a way of doing these totally unexpected things that just make you go, "ahhhhhh." For example, the other day I opened our front door and found a package on the porch. It was from Amazon so I asked Chad what he had ordered. He "revealed" that even though Landry may have the same name as a famous Dallas Cowboys football coach...he was a 49er fan first and foremost. He pulled out this little hooded towel that had the 49er logo on it and "Little Niner Fan" below the logo. He was one proud daddy! I cannot say enough about how incredibly supportive, patient and understanding he has been during this whole process. Each day he I find something new to love about him and I cannot wait to see him in action as a dad!

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