Monday, February 22, 2010

Operation Nursery: Picture Frames

Here is a recent project that I finished for Landry's nursery and I have to say that I think it is my favorite...maybe it is just the hormones but I am a bit emotional just thinking about what this project is going to showcase in the years to come!
As I have been adding all of the finishing touches to Landry's room I have known that I wanted to get some picture frames that I could use to display photos of my little man as he grows. I remembered that I had a load of picture frames left over from our wedding. Here is one of them: Clearly the frame is of my favorite colors...but I have made a pact with myself to avoid using black in Landry's room comes the spray paint...about $3 at Lowes.
I took the backs and glass off of the frames, laid them out on some cardboard in the garage and started painting.
I decided that I wanted to matte my photos with fabric scraps from Landry's bedding. So, here is what I did. I took the back of the know, the part with the little stand-thingy on it...and ran a strip of hot glue around the edge. Then I covered it with the fabric scraps.
Not the best pictures but hopefully you can understand what I did..
After the fabric was glued on I trimmed up the edges.
The idea with my frames is that I can easily pull out the pictures and trade them for new ones as Landry grows. Obviously we do not have photos of him yet...and I didn't want to place empty frames in his , I used his last ultra-sound photos. I simply used double-sided tape to place the photos on the fabric covered backs and then put the frames back together. Here are all three frames:
Here is Landry all curled up in mommy's tummy...
His adorable profile...not that I am biased or anything...
And one of our favorites...the "thumbs up" letting us know that everything is going great!
So, there you have it. Sweet, simple, easy to change photo frames! Instead of fabric you could always do the same idea with scrapbook paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper...the possibilities are endless!

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